Music Review >> Boolfights’ latest album “Feral”

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French touch indie rockers Boolfights are on the verge of releasing their latest album ‘Feral’.

After hearing the guys at work it is apparent that they are nothing short of current. It is catchy, fun and at times memorizing. It displays a great balance between electronic and indie making this very appealing to the masses.

At times the music is reminiscent of The XX but for the most part it is livelier and seems to hold much more depth. The music they create has a real solid foundation and they do well to put together not just songs but a whole atmospheric experience.  this time around the boys worked with ex-M83 member Nicolas Fromageau, a very impressive collaboration and whatever they did it has seemed to pay off because it is a gem of an album.

What makes this CD so interesting is its generally the blend between indie and electronic. Even though this isn’t new, the way they merge the two very different genres feels very natural and fluent. Tracks like ‘Deluxe’ show the band at their strongest, the lyrics and tone of the song work well together and generally set the tone for the album.

Feral is due for release on Nov. 12th on Montmorency Records and is not a record to be sniffed at. This is an album that music lovers should give the time to take a listen to. I’m sure you will pleasantly surprised by it.


Rating: 8/10