Music Review >> Bastille “Bad Blood”

London based band Bastille are the UK’s next big thing. Their debut album charted in the UK at number 1. Their CD ‘Bad Blood; is a bit of a confusing one. It has a great sound, great vocals and great lyrics, but I get the feeling that they are trying too hard and at times do not come across as authentic.



There is a good amount of variety on the LP, from the upbeat sounds of ‘Flaws’ to the sombre melody of ‘Oblivion’. As well as variety there is also a sense of nostalgia in this bands music; there is feeling and thought put into the songs. The best song on the record is ‘Icarus’, the chorus is strong the lyrics are catchy and thoughtful. It is also a very clever song, the title itself and the themes of Greek mythology is a refreshing twist for today’s music. The main positive of the album is Dan Smith, the vocalist and songwriter of Bastille. His voice definitely takes this band to the next level.

There is no major negative on the album; it is an exceptional attempt for a debut and one that can be listened to regardless of age or mood. It is the perfect partner for summer evenings and long car rides. Overall this is a great album, everyone should own a copy.


Rating: 7/10