Mayra Andrade “Tan Kalakatan”

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Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade captivates us with “Tan Kalakatan,” the enchanting track of many from her album “Manga.”

“Tan Kalakatan” blends Afrobeat, pop and traditional Cape Verdean rhythms. The melodies are like the beat of water rippling over rocks in the sea. The harmonies Mayra creates with her voice are more traditional Cape Verde style but she mixes it up and brings in modern synth bassline and auto-tuned, overdriven vocals at the end of the song. But it still retains the soulful harmonies she blends throughout the song. Can autotune be soulful? Yes. It’s not just reserved for Britney.

Here’s the COLORS performance. Which one do you enjoy more, the COLORS show or studio studio track?  COLORS consistently gives us new, interesting, uber talented singers from all over the world.

You don’t need to speak a language to love a song. In “Tan Kalakatan” Mayra speaks Cape Verdean Creole, yet we don’t. That’s the beauty of music – it’s international, it’s universal. But hopefully it will inspire you to explore new languages, destinations and cultures.  They’ve started referring to Mayra as the new generation of Cesaria Evora, one of the most famous Capo Verdean singers of the 20th century who blended her own sound with many Cape Verdean rhythms. Cesaria Evora is also on our playlist now. While the queen Cesaria may have opened a window into Capo Verde music culture, Mayra has created a sound unique to her.  Mayra has lived many places throughout the world, on three continents, so these places with their own musical traditions have influenced her soulful, tropical, Capo Verdean-influenced sound.

Thanks to Mayra Andrade, we’ve started exploring Cape Verde’s rich musical styles of Morna, Funana, Coladera and Batuque, which are musical examples of the country’s location, topography, beauty, language and traditions.

If “Tan Kalakatan” moved you and/or made you move, here’s another one of our “Manga” favorites that should hopefully do the same.

Enjoy “Afeto.”

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Keep making music that makes us move.