May Devun “Say The Words” Single Release

May Devun has a gorgeous voice.

She sings with a range most would envy, and a really beautiful sense of the dramatic.  “Say the Words” is a deceptively simple song,  but she gives it nuance and purpose and a kind of magic as she spirals through layer after layer of pain and emotion.

The production is tantalizingly classic, with brilliant rhythm and twisted composition.  In places its almost a James Bond theme. I can just see the video, all liquid and color and lots and lots of falling.

May Devun has a voice.  Of course, she has a big range and can easily compare to Christina Aguilera and her ilc, but she has more than that.  She has a way of breathily rock out, pumping and screaming with pure tonality and sublime explosive restraint.

I love this track, it will definitely be on my rotation and feels perfect for the upcoming season of over-coats and holiday gloom and dark, dark endless nights….loved it!!!

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Producer: May Devun & Mark Needham