Happy Lunar New Year – Year of the TIGER

Happy Lunar New Year - Year of the TIGER! Celebrate at Tamashii Ramen House in the NoHo Arts District
Happy Lunar New Year - Year of the TIGER! Celebrate at Tamashii Ramen House in the NoHo Arts District

“Happy Lunar New Year! We wish you and your family a prosperous Year of the TIGER – a year full of happiness and good health.” – Colin from Tamashii Ramen, NoHo Arts District

In China, the tiger is known as the king of all beasts. The tiger zodiac sign is a symbol of strength and bravery. Also, people born in the Year of the Tiger are born leaders, who walk and talk assertively and inspire respect.

The Lunar New Year’s eve dinner is called “Reunion dinner.” Several generations of family often sit at round tables and enjoy lots of food and maybe play Mahjong.

Yes, the Lunar New Year is a time for family, most importantly. However, it’s also a time to eat.

“We would like to offer NoHo Arts District readers 15% discount during Chinese New Year week (1/31 to 2/6). Just say ‘I’m from the NoHo Arts District!'” 

Here’s some lucky foods that people celebrated during the Chinese New Year Feast.


Longevity Noodles known as Changshou mian (which means “long-life noodles”).

Do you know what makes Tamashii’s ramen different?

All of their broths are cooked more than 14 hours. Everything is made from scratch and they don’t use MSG for our food, so you don’t feel thirsty when you slurp their broth.  (Slurping is a must!)”


According to ancient legend, the number of dumplings you eat during the Chinese Lunar New Year predicts the amount of money you make in the upcoming year (the more, the better).

Spring Rolls

Resembling “bars of gold,” spring rolls are said to bring wealth and good fortune.

Sweet Rice Balls

These sweet rice balls are common during the Chinese Lunar New Year for good reason: their round shape signifies unity. These gooey balls also represent harmony and family togetherness because their name (tang yuan) sounds like the word “reunion” in Chinese (tuan yuan).

Dim Sum

Dim sum dishes play an important role in Chinese New Year celebrations as they symbolize luck, good fortune, prosperity, and longevity for the coming year.

So, let’s celebrate Chinese New Year with noodles and Dim Sum at Tamashii!!!

Tamashii Ramen House
11024 Magnolia Blvd.
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