“Love Allways”

“Love Allways” plays at Gray Studios, 5250 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood

 “Love Allways” is a group of short plays written by the hugely successful playwrights and screenwriters Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna. They’ve been married for over 50 years, so they must know a thing or two about love and relationships as well as being nominated for an Oscar for the film “Lovers and Other Strangers.” They have also penned a string of successful Broadway and Off-Broadway plays together…so quite a talented couple indeed. 

This production marks the West Coast premiere of the play at NoHo’s newest theatre, Gray Studios.

The “Love Allways” 13, one-act plays are all about love, obviously, but there’s nothing ‘gooey’ or cliche about any of them.  Not one of the plays felt obvious or contrived, all the stories instead depend on our ability to recognize ourselves in the hilarious mishaps of others and the total hysteria that two, or in some cases three or four, people can wreak upon each other all in the name of ‘love.’

A comedic take on all the ridiculous situations that love, sex and relationships drag us into, the plays run the gamut from honeymoon jitters, to overly attached ‘bromances’ and the complications of four way sex satisfaction…never a dull moment!

Nadeem Deeb (l.), Keturah Hamilton, Hayley Ambriz, Chris Jones

The performances are dynamic and touching, hilarious and real, full of life and full of love.  Ms Gifford has a talent for bringing out the best in her actors and fully supporting their passionate interpretation of the material. 

“Love Allways” offers every actor a very real opportunity to create fabulous characters and really sink their teeth into their roles. And these entertaining actors, without exception, do just that.  Not one performance outshines another, instead the entire cast personifies the term ‘ensemble’ and seem to thoroughly enjoy the incredibly clever and funny gift of the words Taylor and Bologna have written.

What are stories but an attempt to communicate our deepest fears, our greatest achievements and our most intimate yearnings?  These hilarious stories performed by these brilliant actors remind us that we have only to look at our own lives and our own crazy experiences to recognize that we are all much more alike than we may realize.  Although there were one or two situations that I have gladly never found myself in…not yet in any case!

“Love Allways” had me roaring with laughter, and wincing with recognition and then roaring with laughter again.  Ms Gifford, when introducing the play, told the audience that Ms Taylor and Mr Bologna had already seen the show in preview and seemed pretty pleased, although I imagine the actors were both terrified and thrilled at the opportunity to perform to these amazing writers work with them in the audience.

Gray Studios is a perfect setting for Ms Gifford’s always brilliant productions, giving the actors plenty of room to shine. I hope she will continue to produce there.

I highly recommend “Love Allways” at Gray Studios. It’s a truly wonderful show filled with funny lines, situations and excellent performances. You absolutely won’t be disappointed and you will probably, like me, chuckle all the way home.

“Love Allways”

Written by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna

Directed by Gloria Gifford

March 4th – April 30th, Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 7:30PM

Gray Studios, 5250 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood



Haley Ambriz, Michael Barker, George Benedict, Raven Bowens, Jeff Hamasaki Brown, Alyssia Brown, Billy Budnich, Aaron Burris, Malin Chan, Leana Chavez, Heather Compton, Halie D’Alan, Nadeem Deeb, Yvette De Vito, Sonia Diaz, Chad Doreck, Justine Estrada, Joshua Farmer, Joe Filippone, Lindy Fujimoto, Dylan Geoger, Irini Gerakas, Keturah Hamilton, Chris Jones, Genevieve JoyAbigail Kochunas, McKenzie Kruse, Christian Maltez, Sam Mansour, Maya Morre, Kelly Musslewhite, Tracey Nelson, Nakata Pahlevan, Benito Paje, Kasia Pilewitcz, Lauren Plaxco, Antonio Roccucci, Gershon Roebuck, Cynthia San Luis, Deidra Shanell, Nevada Shaefer, Danny Siegel, Tejah Signori, Samiyah Swan, Justin Truesdale, Nancy Vivar, Keith Walker, Lucy Walsh, Jade Warner, Teagan Wilson, Diva Yazdian.

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.