Led Zepagain recently appeared on AXS TV’s “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands”

Led Zepagain recently appeared on AXS TV’s  “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands”

Led Zepagain recently appeared on AXS TV’s  “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands,” hosted by Katie Daryl at the world famous Whiskey A Go Go. They made their audience feel as if the real Led Zeppelin had taken to the stage and were performing the complete  Led Zeppelin IV.

Highly regarded by many as the most authentic Led Zeppelin tribute band around. Swan Montgomery as Robert Plant did not disappoint his faithful audience of Led Zeppelin fans.

His mannerisms and vocal inflections are one of the best presentations of Robert Plant mimicry ever seen by this Led Zeppelin fan.

Led Zepagain opened the live broadcast with the “Immigrant Song” and followed it up with “Over The Hills and Far Away,” “Ramble On,” Kashmir” and “Black Dog.”  Their recreation of “Stairway To Heaven” sent chills down my spine and I swear that I could not tell the difference between the tribute band and the real one.

The other members of Led Zepagain are: Jim Woottin on bass and keyboards as John Paul Jones, Derek Smith on drums as John Bonham, and replacing the recently departed Jimmy Sakurai is Anthony David on guitar as Jimmy Page.

Sakurai’s absence was barely noticed by Led Zepagain’s fervent fans, but I did notice as Sakurai’s performances were electric and energetic and have received a standing ovation from Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

That is not to say that David did not deliver the goods, as he did. He wore a replica of Page’s “ZoSo” sweater while Sakurai wore replicas of Page’s mystical “Dragon” pants and coat. He is also considered a guitar “phenom” as has been written about Sakurai. It was just another more sedate version of Page that David gave us.

Led Zepagain has played to sold-out venues around the world to enthusiastic Led Zeppelin fans turned Led Zepagain converts.

Photos off Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Jason Bonham, John Bonham’s son, and John Paul Jones adorn Led Zepagain’s website with the bands posing with these true to life living members of the incredible band Led Zeppelin.

Woottin’s uncle happens to be the one and only Les Paul which is awesome unto itself, but couple that with the band he’s emulating and wham…it’s as accrete as it’s gonna get.

Page has attended Led Zepagain’s performance more than once and is astonished by the accuracy of Led Zepagain.

Jason Bonham has sat in with Led Zepagain as an added bonus.

This is not the first appearance on “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” as they first appeared during the show’s second season in 2013 at The Roxy.  They rocked the Kasba so to speak back then too.

Founded in 1989 and rocking continuously since then, I first saw Led Zepagain in 1990 when Montgomery did the sound for my night club “The Cave.”  “The Cave” was inside of the well known watering hole “Bourbon Square” which is where I first heard Led Zepagain.  They were so good that my son got up and danced with me.

Go to www.zepagain.com to check out their current and coming gigs, photos and music. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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