Knight and Day

Summer’s here and it’s popcorn movie a go-go…First, the Tom Cruise we know and occasionally like is back in James Mangold’s breezy, entertaining Knight and Day, playing a possibly rogue CIA agent who entangles a first unwilling, then willing hostage Cameron Diaz in his flight from murderous operatives and some other very bad people, all in the service of preserving a longlife battery (Duracell, it ain’t). 


 Well I won’t bore you with the details of the implausible plot. I will say that a caper like this can work if it has a fast pace, engaging stars, amusing banter, and an occasional thrill or two. For the most part, the movie moves fast enough to hide some rather big plot holes (or craters, if you will). In fact, there are a number of things in the movie’s favor: the opening sequence on the plane in which Cruise controls a plane full of bad guys; some bangup car chases (despite an overreliance on the ol’ CGI); some witty exchanges.  However, the biggest thing in the movie’s favor is a very engaging turn from Cruise as a charming, respectful agent who is solicitous even when he’s at his most dangerous.  He and Diaz also have a nice rapport throughout, while Peter Sarsgaard makes a smooth villain.  There are worse ways to spend 105 minutes…


Mike Peros
Author: Mike Peros

Mike Peros is an author whose new book, JOSE FERRER: SUCCESS AND SURVIVAL, the first biography of the Oscar and Tony-winning actor, has just been published by the University Press of Mississippi, while his previous book, DAN DURYEA: HEEL WITH A HEART is now available in paperback.