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Kathy Ireland Launches a CBD Brand

Supermodel turned ultra-successful entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Kathy Ireland, recently joined the CBD industry. 

Kathy Ireland Worldwide (kiWW) has been successful in making a full lifestyle brand and is responsible for burgeoning retail sales including home furniture, fashion, housewares, jewelry, pets, fintech, rugs, and much more.

Prior to social media becoming the massive driver that it is today, and even before the implementation of the 2018 US Farm Bill when industrial hemp was officially removed from the Controlled Substances Act, celebrities were still relatively unlikely to endorse cannabis and CBD products.

However, in 2021, that’s no longer the case. Celebrities from actress Emma Roberts to Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio have become CBD’s biggest advocates. Others, including the MMA Heavyweight Champion, Mike Tyson, and the eldest of the Kardashian’s sisters, Kourtney Kardashian, have launched their own brands.

It is quite common for celebrities and TV personalities to jump on bandwagons. Thus, it is hardly a surprise that they are entering the hemp-derived CBD market.

A 2021 research report (as featured in Global News Wire), Facts and Factors estimated that the global Industrial Hemp Market will reach $36 billion by 2026. Then again, Ireland has a different stand regarding CBD celebrity endorsements.

In her interview, Ireland told Cheddar News that:

“Celebrity brands are great, however, that’s never been our DNA. That’s not what we are. It takes more than an autographed photo to really build a business and bring these great products to market.”

“I get accused of being a control freak. I prefer to think of it as passionate,” she added.

Fight Against CBD Stigma

In her statement regarding her partnership with Isodiol, as featured in Cosmetics Design, entitled, “kathy ireland Health & Wellness to launch CBD skin care products,” published on Jan. 9, 2018, Kathy Ireland, who was the chairman emeritus and chief brand strategist for Level Brands at that time, told the press, “One of the many responsibilities in this new venture is, for me, personally to serve as Educator in Chief about cannabidiol, and how it is used by Isodiol.” 

She further explains, “this company is leading the strategy of appropriate uses of hemp derivatives, and Isodiol products are free of THC.”

“It’s ironic,” says Ireland “that people find controversy in the powerfully useful hemp plant. Without THC, hemp has many natural and important uses, which are beneficial in countless ways. We need people to please understand that hemp, without THC, is similar to a grape without fermentation. What the Isodiol team has done is, bring the best qualities of hemp-derived CBD to the market without any psychotropic element, whatsoever.”  

With CBD and hemp-derived products growing in popularity, there are usually misconceptions about what CBD companies do. Nevertheless, Kathy Ireland, who is working to end the CBD stigma, encourages people to do their research.

A Long History with Hemp

In a 2020 article published by Forbes entitled, “Kathy Ireland Talks Hemp, CBD, and Fun Times with Warren Buffet, Bill Gates,” the author explained that despite having discovered cannabidiol relatively recently, Kathy Ireland has had a close association with hemp for decades. 

In fact, she shared that when she began her own brand, kathy ireland Worldwide, in 1993, she launched with only one product–a pair of socks. Interestingly enough, those socks were made of hemp and recycled soda pop bottles.

“So, it’s been a product that we’ve worked with from the beginning. Then when we got into the home industry and began designing and marketing rugs. Those rugs were also made with hemp,” Ireland told Forbes.

Business Partners

Level Brands Inc., an innovative marketing and licensing company that provides bold, socially responsible, and unconventional branding, and former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Kathy Ireland, as mentioned in Cash Crop Today, have specialized in brand management for customer products involved in the beauty, art, health & wellness, as well as fashion industries. Together, they are responsible for branding the new products in an appealing and bold way to consumers.

As of January 2018, Ireland announced their partnership with Isodiol International Inc.– a Canadian-based manufacturer and a global bioactive phytoceutical innovator, specializing in the development of wellness and pharmaceutical products.

Their new CBD products launched involve CBD oral sprays marketed under BeTrū and kathy ireland Health & Wellness; a CBD pain-relieving cream, marketed under LEVB subsidiary Ireland Men One, and CBD edibles, which was marketed under Chef Andre Carthen Edibles.

Having reliable business partners is one of the key factors to achieving business success. If you’re thinking about launching a CBD product line, you’ll want to create alliances with industry experts who know the process from start to finish. Like Kathy Ireland’s partnership with Level Brands, you can hire a team to launch your CBD brand for you.

All About Wellness: Partnership with Vertical Wellness

Just this March 2021, Forbes announced that Vertical Wellness–an industry leader in the hemp-derived CBD health and wellness space–has teamed with kathy ireland Worldwide for CBD products in Greg Petro’s interview with Smoke Wallin, CEO of Vertical Wellness, and Kathy Ireland.

Among the thousand CBD companies in the United States, Vertical Wellness was the only company Ireland was interested in. According to Forbes, for her, it was all about relationships. 

The entrepreneur further explained that she chose to work with Vertical Wellness because of Smoke Wallin.

“Smoke is such a great leader,” she said throughout the conversation, bringing up the CEO’s commitment to employing and honoring America’s military veterans.

“What struck our team is his integrity and the way he works with people in his farms, how people are treated. That’s amazing,” she continued.

“My dad worked in labor relations with farmworkers, specifically Cesar Chavez… So how people are treated has always been at the forefront… I see myself working with him for many, many years.”

Ireland also explained she liked the vertical integration of Vertical Wellness across the company. On top of that, there is a quality component. The entrepreneur says that she also finds comfort in Vertical’s reliable products in a hemp CBD market landscape, which, according to her, feels like “the Wild West.”

“Many of the products out there today are “passing trends. What Vertical does is lasting, and it’s solid,” she said, quoting Marcus Lemonis: “Marcus says ‘people, products, process.’ But people first.”

“This is not a celebrity endorsement, this is a real, full-blown partnership,” she concluded.

Cheddar News announced that Ireland’s new CBD brand, The kathy ireland Health & Wellness CBD Solutions line, in partnership with hemp and CBD company, Vertical Wellness along with her namesake brand kathy ireland Worldwide (kiWW), will include five infused skin care products and five wellness-focused products. The serums, body butter, creams, and cleansers will contain anywhere from 20-500 milligrams of CBD, and items on the website range in price from $29.99 to $69.99.

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