Jordana Talsky “Zahava” EP Release

Jordana Talsky “Zahava” EP Release
Jordana Talsky “Zahava” EP Release

Jordana Talsky is a Canadian vocal loop artist. Everything you hear on her “Zahava” recordings is either her voice or sounds made with her body.  

This all makes for an incredibly ethereal, soulful, organic sound. Traditionally constructed songs recorded in an untraditional way with the most basic of human instruments…ourselves.  

However, this is not beat boxing. It’s far more than harmonising. Although, there is some lovely harmonising, of course. No this is something else entirely. It’s light, melodic, rhythmic, nuanced and poetic. 

Jordana Talsky “Zahava” EP Release
Jordana Talsky “Zahava” EP Release

The songs are beautiful in their own right, regardless of her ingenious method of creating them. Jordana Talsky also has a phenomenal voice.  Her huge range and gorgeous tone lift these songs sky high.

She’s been a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition twice, as well as many other awards for excellence for her voice and songwriting. Which really doesn’t surprise me.

Jordana uses her voice and body to create cathedrals of sound. Layers of voice, feathery flicks of fingers against skin and sighs and oo’s.  All building and curling around the clever, inventive, purposeful lyrics.  It’s really rather magical.  Like nothing I’ve heard before.  Open, wise, earthy and fun. 

Jordana Talsky is a gem.  Her songs elegant and unforgettable.  I love all of them, equally.  Although if I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be “Oh Yeah.”  I just connected with it immediately. I loved this EP, I cant wait for more from Jordana Talsky, in fact. Although, I do think she needs to write a musical.  With only vocal loop.  That really would be amazing!!!

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Musician/Instruments: Jordana Talsky

Producer: Justin Abedin








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