JoJo Diggs brings Fosse The Jack Rabbit to NoHo

All about the dance… Fosse The Jack Rabbit

JoJo Diggs Fosse The Jack Rabbit

Do you love dance? If yes, don’t miss the theatrical experience “Fosse the Jack Rabbit,” playing at NoHo’s Secret Rose Theatre November 21 – 23 only. The show combines a group of great dancers from all dance styles to perform a variety of pieces from hip hop to disco to House to comedy. The show will be narrated to help you discover the essence of each number. Fosse the Jack Rabbit was created by JoJo Diggs, a dancer, choreographer and teacher who has performed and choreographed all over the world, including choreographing for “So You Can Dance” in L.A. and Poland. I interviewed Jojo Diggs which made me realize what a special person she is and how special this production actually is.

JoJo Diggs Fosse The Jack Rabbit

You are a successful dancer and choreographer. How did you get there?

I started my dance training in Ballroom at the age of 22. Ballroom dancing showed me how much I loved dance and only dance could fill that inner yearning that I had felt for many years. I then trained in street styles and then realized I did have an artistic voice and started choreographing. I never was formally trained in ballet or jazz. I also love to teach at Movement Lifestyle. I love seeing young dancers grow and gain their freedom in movement.

You have had a successful career in New York and Los Angeles. Where do you call home?

I’m based out of L.A. and I love it here in NoHo, but my hometown is Springfield, VA. I like the city but need some suburbia around me, but close to a city atmosphere. NoHo feels “intimate” to me. I love the small, unique shops which most of Los Angeles does not have.




A bit more about JoJo Diggs’ show “Fosse The Jack Rabbit”

This interactive theatre show is powerfully touching and honest. With JoJo Diggs and these incredibly talented dancers you will experience a journey of self-exploration, wonder, and self-love. Held at a small local theatre in North Hollywood, Jojo Diggs presents the inner works of her body, mind and spirit. You don’t want to miss this transformational experience.

Jojo has made this show for people who love dance and each audience member will experience it in a different way. I promised not to say more than that!

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Featuring the talent of:
Jason Santana
Lily Frias Mtz
Joshua Gilmore
Jasmine Artis McIntosh
Reza Mina
Kaity Martinez
Lorena Valenzuela Martínez
Jessie Levine
Austin Johns
Jardon Jargon Derrick
Eric Bison Dawkins
Koya Uehara
She Street

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