Artist: JLS Album: Outta This World Location: London

The JLS boys are back to reclaim their place of top UK boy band with their new album ‘Outta This World’. The album entered the UK album charts at number 2 and has claimed two top spots in the singles charts. 
I found the CD more upbeat overall than the last and JLS have not let us down and included a good range of songs. From slow Boyz II Men style R&B songs such as ‘Love You More’, showing off their talented voices to dance floor fillers like ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ that make you want get up and dance. Though I have nothing bad to say about this CD, as they did a great job with it, I was a little bit disappointed; it wasn’t as good as the first album. It was a bit more poppy and slightly less R&B. Nevertheless it is still a fantastic album well worth the purchase price.

Author: nohoarts