Jessie J

Artist: Jessie J    Album: Who Are You    Location: London


Jessie J exceeds expectations with her debut album ‘Who You Are’. Mixing a blend of pop, urban and soul into one album obviously paid off as it earned her the number two spot on the UK album charts on its release. She shows that she is not just another pop singer, but a talented singer capable of a wide range of vocals.

What makes her album different from other pop albums on the market today is the seamless switch between urban pop songs and soulful tracks, making her CD a good listen. So it’s no surprise that her first single ‘Do It Like a Dude’ reached number two in the UK singles chart, and her second single ‘Price Tag’ featuring B.o.B. went straight to number one. One song that really stood out was ‘Big White Room’ the tenderness of the song is exceptional; you can feel the emotion she put into making it. If you would like something new and catchy I would recommend this album, however if you are not one for mainstream music then this probably isn’t for you.