It’s Dim Sum Time at Tamashii

Colin Fun Tamashii Ramen House NoHo Arts District

We are doing a North Hollywood restaurant and bar series so our neighborhood gets to know the fun and unique local hangouts. This week we feature Tamashii Ramen House, their new menu additions and their daily specials.

Our NoHo restaurants and bars have been through a roller coaster ride during the pandemic and many have reopened their doors. One of the things you’ll notice about these neighborhood eateries and bars is that they’re unique to the NoHo Arts District. Our arts district also has creative bars and restaurants. They had to be creative during Corona!

Meet Colin from Tamashii Ramen House. He opened up the NoHo Arts District location in 2012.

“I would like to take this opportunity thank everyone, especially our neighbors, who have supported us and dined with us since we reopened,” says Colin. “It has been such a joy and pleasure seeing old and new faces again, and we really appreciate all your support!”

But, what exactly does Tamashii mean? The English translation of the word ta-ma-shi-i is “soul.” There is nothing more satisfying than when you can have delicious meal that comforts your soul. It is the soulful, comforting, and satisfying quality that describes the food and atmosphere at Tamashii Ramen.

We recently added more dishes on our “Tamashii Steam” menu,” says Colin. “They are ordered to steam and are so fresh, like having ‘Yum Cha with Dim Sum” (tea and Dim Sum) in Hong Kong!” 

Here are the Dim Sum specials. Remember to show your NoHo Card for a 10% discount and free edamame!

Shui Mai

Shiu Mai Dim Sum at Tamashii Ramen House NoHo Arts District

Ground pork, minced shrimp and mushroom dumplings. 

Har Gow

Har Gow Dim Sum at Tamashii Ramen House NoHo Arts District

Shrimp with bamboo shoot dumplings. 

Char Siu Bao

Char Siu Bao Dim Sum at Tamashii Ramen House NoHo Arts District

 Fluffy buns with honey BBQ pork filling.

Piggy Bun

Piggy Sweet Buns Dim Sum at Tamashii Ramen House NoHo Arts District

Dumplings filled with purple sweet potato puree. 

Creamy Bun

Creamy Buns Dim Sum at Tamashii Ramen House NoHo Arts District

Steam buns with golden egg yolk filling. 

What are some other Tamashii daily specials? 

Easy Monday: California Rolls with Edamame.

Meat Tuesday: Tonkotsu Sho-yu Ramen

Tonkotsu Sho-yu

Miso Wednesday: Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen

Chicken Bowl Thursday: Chicken Chashu Bowl

Chicken Chashu Bowl

Pork Bowl Friday: Pork Chashu Bowl

Crispy Saturday: Fried Wonton 3pc with Fried Gyoza 3pc

Ramen Sunday: Chicken Ramen

Chicken Ramen at Tamashii Ramen House in NoHo Arts District
Chicken Ramen

For our vegetarians! Tamashii has vegetable broth and vegetarian noodle options – kale noodle, gluten free noodles and rice noodles.

Their broths are cooked more than 14 hours and everything is from scratch!

“We don’t use MSG for our food, so you don’t feel thirsty when you slurp our broth.  (Slurping is a must!),” says Colin.

Tamashii Ramen House
11024 Magnolia Blvd.
NoHo Arts District, CA 91601


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