“It’s All In the Timing”

A NoHo Arts theatre review of “It’s All In The Timing,” written by David Ives
"Mere Mortals" (L-R): Bill Butts, Talon Warburton Patrick Warburton

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – A NoHo Arts theatre review of “It’s All in the Timing,” written by David Ives, directed by Michael Yavnieli, produced by Western Warburton in association with MY | Acting Studios at The Zephyr Theatre running through November 20.

The brilliant David Ives’s truly iconic “It’s All in the Timing” has been one of the most widely produced comedic plays…ever, apart from everything by Shakespeare of course, and maybe “Cats,” which isn’t exactly a comedy, but is, in its own way, very very funny.

“Sure Thing” – (L – R):  Taylor Behrens and Meadow Clare

There is an excellent reason why everything David Ives has ever written is so incredibly good. This new production of his much hallo’d sextet of short plays is a perfect example of why, in point of fact.  It really is all about the timing, the words, the precision, the tonality of the extraordinary silky satire, and the glorious ebb and flow of the incessantly clever and poignant comedy.  All of this and much much more make this play a joy to watch and, given by the sublime salubriousness of these fine fine actors, I imagine a deep joy to perform.

Let’s be clear, these really are short and beautifully written plays.  Not sketches. In the very few minutes of their existence, they cover an ingeniously wide range of subjects.  A couple meeting by chance in a coffee house and every time they converse and get it ‘wrong’ a bell goes off and they get a do-over. This all culminates in perfection, love and the beginning of the rest of their lives together. How easy it would be for us all if we all did exactly the right thing with another person. We could be perfect for anyone? The other plays are equally brilliant. Monkeys trying to write “Hamlet,” high rise construction workers comparing previous life existences, a sad woman with a stutter learning an alternate language from a man who is making it up as he goes along, a man grasping the notion of bad luck being not a state of mind, but an infectious anomalous pocket of reality called “Philadelphia.” What really happened when Trotsky’s head was impaled on an axe in the hours before he died? 

“Words, Words, Words” – (L-R):  Melodie Shih, Maram Kamal and Meadow Clare

All of these astonishingly brilliant plays could fall flat, as brilliant as they are, without the talents of a group of fearless actors. This particular group of actors is utterly perfect.  Clever, emotional, brave and very very funny. 

“The Universal Language” – (L-R):  Mark Haan and Tania Gonzalez (Photo by Maram Kamal) 

They give the words room to do their exquisite work, and yet they still manage to inject their own unique perspective on each and every character. They are flawless, to a person.  An especially lovely treat to have Patrick Warburton acting with his hilarious son Talon.  But all these wonderful actors are truly equals. They clearly love the material, and who couldn’t? 

David Ives is a genius, although a modest one. All his work focuses on language and wordplay, existentialist perspectives on life and meaning…but with jokes…lots of jokes. 

“The Philadelphia” – (L-R):   Melodie Shih, Patrick Warburton and Talon Warburton

This collection of plays feels a bit like standing in a subway car with strangers and turning your head to listen in on all their disparate worlds. With every story, however extreme, we are all unified somehow with the ridiculousness of our universe and our intrinsic connections to each other no matter what.  It’s a revelation of relief to know, now more than ever, just how much we are all the same. Seeking love, yearning for peace and meaning and safety and laughs.

Having the opportunity to see “All in the Timing” with such stellar actors as these is a real treat and one I implore you not to miss. It’s running till November 20, but as you know, time is fickle and it will evaporate between now and then…so get your tickets now and bath in the glory of this existential, enigmatic and timeless comedy.  It soothed my soul!

“Variations on the Death of Trotsky” – (L-R): Maram Kamal, Mark Haan and Talon Warburton


Featuring a stellar cast, including Patrick Warburton (“Puddy” on Seinfeld), Taylor Behrens, Bill Butts, Meadow Clare, Tania Gonzalez, Mark Haan, Maram Kamal, Melodie Shih, and Talon Warburton. 

Taylor Behrens (Sure Thing)
Bill Butts (Mere Mortals)
Meadow Clare (Sure Thing and Words Words Words)
Tania Gonzalez (The Universal Language)
Mark Haan (The Universal Language and Variations On The Death Of Trotsky)
Maram Kamal (Word Words Words and Variations On The Death Of Trotsky)
Melodie Shih (Words Words Words and The Philadelphia)
Patrick Warburton (The Philadelphia and Mere Mortals)
Talon Warburton (The Philadelphia and Mere Mortals)


Written by David Ives
Directed by Michael Yavnieli
Produced by Western Warburton in association with MY | Acting Studios
Produced by Patrick Warburton, Tania Gonzalez, and Michael Yavnieli
Production Design, Lighting and Technical Design by Nick Foran
Production Stage Managing by Angelica Diaz Estavez
Publicity by SANDRA KUKER PR


Running through November 20


Zephyr On Melrose

7456 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA  90046