Is Video Poker a Popular Game?

Look online for casino games and video poker is one of the categories you will come across. Most casinos have at least a few versions of this game on them.

So, what it is all about and how popular is this way of playing?

A Cross Between Slots and Poker

The first thing you will notice when playing video poker is that it looks a lot like a slots game. This is because it is designed to be a fast-moving, simplified version of poker with less requirements for strategies. You just need to place your stake and you are ready to start playing by pressing the deal button.

The poker element comes from the fact that you need to try and get a winning poker hand such as a royal flush or four of a kind.  The stronger your combination of cards, the more money you will win. If you don’t get one of the combinations listed on the paytable, you lose the game.

Since this is a cross between two highly popular types of games, it could catch the eye of a lot of different players who like either slots or poker. The rules are easy to understand and anyone can start playing video poker right away, regardless of whether they have ever played poker before or not.

What Are the Most Popular Versions?

While you will often find more slots titles than video poker versions in a casino, there is usually enough variety to keep any poker fans happy. The basic gameplay of video poker never really changes, as you are always dealt five cards and need to make up a winning hand, but there are different rules used to give a variety of ways of playing.

The key difference between video poker versions is often seen in the paytable, where you can look at the different payouts for winning hands. For example, if the title has deuces wild in it, you can expect to see extra payouts for sets of deuces, which are the 2s. These cards can also act as wilds to complete other winning hands.

With jacks or better titles, the winning combinations pay out from 2 jacks upwards, meaning that any pair of face cards gives you a payout. Bonus poker variants will usually have a boosted payout value for certain hands, such as combinations with four of a kind in them.

A quick look at the paytable is usually enough to understand exactly how any version works, as this is where you will see all of the different winning hands and how much they are worth to you. In case you are wondering where to find this game online, you can play video poker at

Who Might Like to Play Video Poker?

Now that we have cleared up what exactly video poker is, what kind of casino player might like to have a go at it? This is a game that tends to attract people who want some fast and exciting action without any delays, since it is so easy to get started on.

It could also appeal to someone who likes poker but doesn’t have time for full games right now? Video poker gives a slicker, faster version of the game that could be perfect if you are in a hurry but want to get a few games.

What if you like slots but would prefer to have some sort of control over the outcome of each game? This is another reason for choosing video poker, as you are able to hold the cards you like and ask for other new cards if you prefer. This means that you have a greater degree of control than with slots.

The RTP and Chances of Winning

The final point worth considering in terms of the popularity of video poker is the return to player (RTP). This figure tells us how much all of the players can expect to win overall, although it doesn’t guarantee that you will win this exact amount.

The fact that video poker has a higher RTP means that it gives you a higher theoretical possibility of winning money. Video poker is among the casino games with the highest RTP figures, giving a better return than slots, for example.

Those games that pay out on a lot of potential combinations will generally give you more regular wins. For example, with jacks or better versions you should get paying pairs of cards quite often. This makes it similar to slots, where small, frequent wins are often seen, rather than table games where you might need to wait for longer for prizes.


Video poker is a popular casino game that is appealing to a wide range of different players. As this is a speedy way of playing a game where you have some control over the outcome and that pays out regularly, it is easy to see why it remains an online classic.

Author: nohoarts