Interior Design – What I like about this room Pt 3

I love this space. It reminds me of an apartment I did years ago. It was a small studio apartment and I really needed to be creative with the space planning. This space is very bright and cheerful. Plenty of lighting is key to make this space function well. With tons of storage space, it allows both areas to be set up for multi-use.

The dining area doubles as an office space if needed, while the living area can double as a bedroom. The wheels on the coffee table make it perfect as it’s easy to move when ready to open the sofa into a bed. The enclosed cabinets allow for storage and displaying is easy with the open shelving.

One of the few things I’d change is to add lighting to the living area. Either recessed lights or sconces hard wired into the wall to save space. And may some woven shades could be add for additional privacy.