Interior Design – Southwest No More

A few years ago I was sent to Albuquerque to help a client with a new home. With that location came the usual design style. Stucco and adobe style fireplaces everywhere.

The client wanted to detract from the style and infuse a more relaxed, casual feel.

Not being able to do much with the architecture of the home, I decided to use all the furnishings, draperies, color palette and accessories to adjust the feel and look without having things seem out of place. That said, I came back to LA to design the necessary pieces for the project.

I started with the entry hall.

I designed a console with high style and function. Not only would this piece fit in any dining room, but it set the tone for the rest of the public spaces. I chose a dark finish to help achieve a clean, contemporary feel without being too modern. I paired it with modern day mercury lamps and accessories and a silver toned mirror.

From there I went to the living room.

Since this house had one living space, I needed to make it inviting and livable along with being stylized. I chose clean lined pieces which worked well with the high ceilings, windows and adobe fireplace. I needed to marry the styles to become one and create a cohesive space. Since this family liked to entertain there needed to be multiple seating options. I made a 40” x 40” upholstered ottoman along with a 48” bench to satisfy that need, with both pieces being easily moved. Since there wasn’t wall space to add any art, I needed to add texture, pattern and interest through the graphic fabrics and accessories.

Floor to ceiling draperies not only added to the height of the ceilings, but also to the visual interest needed.

The open floor plan dictated what would happen to the dining room. I used the same drapery treatment and fabric there along with repeating some other fabrics from the living room. It allowed the dining room to feel a part of the other spaces, but still have its own identity. Art and contemporary lighting was added to finish the space.