Interior Design – French inspired design; what is it and how can I get it?

French design can encompass a number of things. It has toile fabrics in many colors and designs, the iconic fleur de lis pattern, matelasse and chinoiserie. It also has roosters in the kitchen paired with beautiful checked and floral fabrics along side heavy weathered tables anchored with rush-seated chairs. It can mix something very sophisticated in a room full of rustic antiques creating a space that is elegant, charming and relaxed.

Fabrics used in French design can be a simple pattern colored in black and white or almost every color in the rainbow. There are no set colors used in the design scheme. Farmhouse kitchens can be dressed in vibrant yellows, reds, blues, greens, etc. Hammered wrought iron chandeliers floating over a rustic trestle table for ten married with painted chairs topped with a beautiful floral seat cushion are at home in any kitchen.

Adding a chinoiserie piece to any room will not only spark conversation, but will invite another layer to your design aesthetic. Chinoiserie, by definition is French for Chinese-esque and describes European styled pieces with Chinese artistic influences. While these pieces may typically come with a hefty price tag, there are less expensive pieces out there.

Overstuffed armchairs covered in beautiful damasks or rich chenille’s, plaids; checks and florals will add style, comfort and flair to any living room, den or bedroom. Add a throw and a great decorative pillow to finish it off and you’ve created a cozy space to relax.

No matter your color palette, you can infuse a bit of French design in any room.