Finally caught up with Christopher Nolan’s Inception and I’m glad I did. While I don’t think it’s as profound as it thinks it is, or wants to be, it’s perfectly enjoyable as a thrill-packed action ride. Yes, there is the “dream team” and corporate espionage, as well as a dead wife who keeps causing problems. 

But the film takes time to explain the various complications, as well as the dream-invasion methodology (and the rules, so many rules—key among them, try not to get dead). A good cast headed by Leonardo DeCaprio (and including a well-used Tom Berenger) keeps the viewer involved, while the second half amounts to a rousing homage to action thrillers that does not let up. Worth giving the movie a spin if you haven’t already…

Mike Peros is an author whose new book, JOSE FERRER: SUCCESS AND SURVIVAL, the first biography of the Oscar and Tony-winning actor, has just been published by the University Press of Mississippi, while his previous book, DAN DURYEA: HEEL WITH A HEART is now available in paperback.