Imagination Movers “10-4”

I don’t usually review music that I don’t actually listen to myself. But I do have kids in my life and they happen to love music…so here I go!

Imagination Movers are Disney Channel and Emmy Award-winning stars already.  They have spent the last 10 years touring the globe to sold-out shows of pumped up kids and parents alike. They make family friendly, highly positive, problem solving, highly engaging and amazingly creative music.  The kind of thing parents actually enjoy as much as the kids and I can tell you there there is a whole lot of music out there that kids seem to somehow like that is really, really hard to listen to.

These guys manage to make music that appeals to kids without being sickly sweet or at all condescending, which is a rare and magical skill.  In fact, the songs are pretty brilliant, “10-4” is their tenth album, so they know a thing or too about this particular genre and it shows.

It helps that they are excellent musicians of course and that they seem to thoroughly enjoy what they do, finding new and sometimes psychedelic ways to funk their way through a song about socks, of all things.

The songs are funny, sweet, heartfelt and inspiring.  They sing about friends and being different, feeling shy, and feeling sad and lost.  They sing about towing a car, graduating kindergarten and cats, about things that are important and things that are not.  Their voices are real, deep and resonant.  They craft these songs as expertly as any rock or pop band.   Caterpillars becoming butterflies, Mad Hatters, baby talk can all be subjects for glam rock songs.  You can hear echos of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bare Naked Ladies, Men at Work, Blink 182 and even a touch of Flight of the Concords.

No wonder they have performed at the Whitehouse for two different presidents, on “Good Morning America,” “The View” and “LIVE with Regis and Kelly.” They’ve also been featured on NPR’s “American Routes” and “Morning Edition.” Their music has been a fixture on SiriusXM Kids Place Live for 15 years.

I dare you not to love this album. I may have to get it and keep it in the car, a guilty pleasure.  Love it!

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Rich Collins – drums, guitar, bass, keys

Scott Durbin – keys, mandolin

Dave Poche – bass

Scott “Smitty” Smith – guitar