How to Enjoy the Process of Creating a Solo Show

How to Enjoy the Process of Creating a Solo Show
How to Enjoy the Process of Creating a Solo Show

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – This month’s Soaring Solo blog, “How to Enjoy the Process of Creating a Solo Show.”

“You will learn to enjoy the process…and to surrender your need to control the result. You will discover the joy of practicing your creativity. The process, not the product, will become your focus” -Julia Cameron

As solo artists, we often get so wrapped up in the final product of the solo script and the performance of our solo shows, that we tend to treat the creative process like checking off items on an endless to-do list.  

We beat ourselves up all along the way deeming the excerpts we write as not quite good enough. We rehearse for hours just burning the candle at both ends. We pour out money, time, talent and other resources trying to make the show as fantastic as it can possibly be and we deplete ourselves in every category.

If you are falling into this trap while working on your solo show, please STOP.

Ask yourself, what is the point of doing all of this work if you are not even going to allow yourself to enjoy the process?

The answer is…there is no point in doing all of this work if you are not going to allow yourself to enjoy the process.

 In fact, you are missing the entire point of doing all of this work if you do not allow yourself to enjoy the process. It is within the process of creating the show where the true magic, gems and transformation can be found.

If you allow yourself to surrender to the process and find joy and gratitude throughout, you will be a much better version of yourself when you take your bow on opening night, than you were the moment you decided to embark on this solo adventure and put pen to page.

In today’s blog, I’m offering you five tips to help you stay present in the process and actually enjoy yourself!


We often think that because it is a one-person play, the creation process should be solo too, but that is far from the truth.

The work of a solo artist is incredibly challenging and none of us are meant to walk that path alone. We need one another to make our solo dreams a reality.

Not only is investing in your Creative Community a smart way to get constructive criticism and feedback on your script and performance, it is also an awesome way to actually enjoy yourself while you delve into your solo Art.

As you share your story with your community, you will naturally bond over the commonalities you share with other performers and you will realize that you are not alone in your lived experiences. 

You will feel inspired and reinvigorated as your peers share their stories with you and you become aware of how truly magnificent and important each person’s story really is, including your own.

 You will likely begin to spend quality time outside of your theatrical endeavors getting to know one another over dinner, hikes, and other necessary breaks from doing the work. Enjoy one another’s company as you decompress and reboot.


The odds are good that you chose the particular topic you chose for your solo show because you are curious about this topic, maybe even passionate about it. While you may already know quite a bit about said topic, you can always benefit from learning more.

I remember when I was writing my solo show “ZE” I did many interviews, read many articles and books, listened to podcasts and watched several films on the themes of sexuality and spirituality. 

I deeply enjoyed expanding my knowledge, coming up with new content based on the facts I was learning, and transforming as a human being the more I absorbed new information.


Challenge yourself to pick a skill that you are currently a novice at and use the process of creating your solo show as a motivation to get better at this craft.

I’ve had clients take up pole dancing, deepen their martial arts training, learn to write the lyrics of a song and sing, practice an instrument they hadn’t picked up in years, and even perfect a new dialect to fully embody one of their characters.

You can join a class, watch training videos or even pair up with someone willing to take you under their wing and be a mentor.

The point is to use this time as an opportunity to sharpen your tools and discover hidden talents. 

Don’t be afraid to fall on your face or make a fool of yourself. Sometimes the greatest discoveries come from our perceived failures.


Don’t just wait until you are raising a glass at the bar after your solo show premiere to celebrate your success. 

Celebrate every step along the way in some form or fashion.

Maybe it is treating yourself to a delicious brownie because you sat down at your computer and wrote for twenty minutes today. Perhaps you take a moment to simply close your eyes and embrace yourself as you acknowledge that you bravely shared your story with a group of other writers. You might even consider taking yourself to get a massage or out on a fun day trip because you completed your first draft.

Whatever the achievement, no matter how big or how small, get in the practice of celebrating your efforts.

This consistent recognition will keep you invested in continuing to do the hard work it will take to cross the finish line, and it will likely help you appreciate yourself in other areas of your life as well.


As you write your solo show script you might be writing a character monologue from the perspective of a family member or a friend. You might even be recreating a scene on stage that you lived in real life with a special person in your world.

Why not use this as an opportunity to call them up, hop on Zoom, or meet up for coffee face-to-face to discuss that shared moment in time.

Maybe they have a different recollection of the event than you do and this is a chance to hear their side of things. Maybe they will enjoy walking down memory lane with you. Maybe you will work through an issue that previously caused pain and tension between you and this other person.

What a great way to get closer to the people you care about, understand them a bit better, and make your script richer at the same time.

I could definitely go on and on about ways to truly enjoy the creative process of writing and performing your one-person play, but I will just leave you with those five tips for now.

Hopefully, today’s blog will help you to remember that being a solo artist may not be easy, but it is so worth it!

Jessica Lynn Johnson
Founder & CEO of Soaring Solo LLC

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