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How to Dress a Child for Different Weather?

Yesterday it was warm summer weather, and today it rains again, and fog is promised. How to dress a child for a walk if the temperature ranges from hot to warm to cold, it might rain at any moment, and the weather forecasts warn of hurricanes and severe thunderstorms every other day? Let’s find out how many layers of clothing a child needs to stay warm and not to get cold.

To ensure the comfort and protection of the child, you should choose the correct number and combination of layers of clothing. Most often, a child is freezing and catches a cold because their clothes do not drain excess moisture. In this way, it is really useful to have a fleece layer of clothing or a fleece lining when you get prepared for bad weather. In this case, the fleece must be worn on a cotton or woolen (depending on the temperature) layer of clothing — the fleece will perfectly wick moisture away from the first layer. The same rule applies to hats.

At temperatures up to plus 15 degrees, it is quite possible to limit yourself to a fleece lining; at temperatures above, a thin unlined overall and a light raincoat or jacket are suitable. You can choose new cute toddler clothes to combine on The Trendy Toddlers website. When choosing clothes without lining, it is best to use cotton underwear with a part of synthetics in it so that the fabric dries quickly right on the baby.

Choosing the Fabric

The fabric of the jumpsuit should be waterproof, windproof, but breathable to wick off excess moisture. The Teflon-coated overalls are ideal for dirty rainy weather. The best shoe for this weather is rubber boots and thermal socks.

For an infant who is lying and not warming oneself up by active movements, it is best to use a baby romper in combination with a good stroller envelope. The envelope should also be wind and moisture resistant, and the jumpsuit should be made of soft, breathable fabrics.

How to Dress a Child for Different Weather?
How to Dress a Child for Different Weather?

In Conclusion

Do not dress your child in more than three layers of clothing! The scheme is as follows: underwear, warm suit or overalls, hat, and warm socks. Think about the blanket for babies too. A prerequisite for the last layer of clothing is that the baby must move their arms and legs. When it is up to +15 degrees outside, a cotton layer, socks, a demi-season hat, overalls, or a demi-season envelope are enough. If the weather is warmer, choose a cotton layer, insulated overalls (velour fabric is good), socks, and a light hat.

It might be also useful to have some spare clothes with you. If you understand that the weather can change really fast, it will be a great idea to have a T-shirt or a jacket with you. Thus, any walk will be really pleasant, and your child will feel comfortable.

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