Hollywood Fringe Show Promotion

NoHoArtsDistrict.comis San Fernando Valley’s #1 source for theater – averaging 100,000 visitors per month with 35,000 social media followers and 10,000 NoHo News email subscribers.

For 15 years, NoHoArtsDistrict.com has successfully promoted intimate theater throughout Los Angeles.  We have been a media sponsor for the Hollywood Fringe Festival for 12 years.

The NoHoArtsDistrict.com Package:

1. 30-day theater box ad on home page of Nohoartsdistrict.com 
2. Full-page listing in the Theater Guide, including show description, box office info, artwork, details about performers/director/producer etc. 
3. Social media posts to our 35,000 followers (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
4. Listed in NoHo News email blast to 10,000 subscribers
5. Review or feature article about your show, cast, director, producer, etc.

Price: $190

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What Theater Folks Are Saying About NoHoArtsDistrict.com:

Lois Neville, Co-Executive Director, Hollywood Fringe – NoHoartsdistrict.com has been a valued partner and friend of The Hollywood Fringe Festival from the beginning. Their love for independent artists is genuine, and the dedication their team shows in supporting arts and culture in Los Angeles is unmatched and desperately needed.


Lucy Pollak, Publicist –  Nohoartsdistrict.com is my go-to resource when publicizing shows in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities. The website is visually beautiful and easy to navigate. They have a terrific, targeted subscriber list. And their reviews are always fair and well-written. Definitely the best bang for the buck around!


Taylor Gilbert, Founder/Artistic Director,  The Road Theatre – Nohoartsdistrict.com has been an incredible asset to the theatre community for over two decades. They deliver insightful articles and in-depth reviews that help promote intimate theatre. In a time where we are often forgotten or priced out by the mainstream, it’s a gift to have truly dedicated theatre enthusiasts who genuinely care about the arts as well as the community! 


Zombie, Zombie Joe’s Underground – NOHOARTSDISTRICT.COM hails as NOHO and The Southland’s longstanding rainbowed pillar of culture, news, theatre, dining, entertainment and beautifully-fantasmic happenings all around our town…and if they recommend checking something out…you betta-gotta go enjoy for yourself! Forever Colorful, Honest, Joyous, Supportive and Vital to our community, Nohoartsdistrict.com goes Waaaay Waaaaaay above and beyond to be our very own steadfast destination for all things wonderful and what we absolutely love most about SoCal!


Ronnie Marmo, Artistic Director, Theatre 68 – The Noho Arts District does not exist without the support of NohoArtsDistrict.com. The team is not only the most supportive, but they are the backbone of all of the  theatres, restaurants, bars, shops and overall NoHo community as a whole. Their reviews are well written and thorough and their rates are affordable. Above all, they are advocates for promoting businesses within the community. I can’t think of a more loyal, devoted and passionate group of people who have dedicated themselves to the arts. Theatre 68 would not have gotten through the pandemic without their fight and drive to help us through what was the darkest of times.  We have worked with NoHoArtsDistrict.com for close to a decade and consider them not only a trusted partner but a true member of the Theatre 68 family. 


Doug Haverty, Artistic Director, The Group Rep – We have been advertising our shows at nohoartsdistrict.com for over 15 years. I would not produce a play in Los Angeles without advertising with them. They are a fantastic web presence and tons of theater-goers rely on this mainstay of theater information.  We need air to breathe. Theaters need nohoartsdistrict.com to thrive.


Pegge Forrest, El Portal Theatre – Nohoartsdistrict.com has supported our theatre and the entire arts district site since its very beginnings in 2000. They have promoted, reviewed and encouraged us to grow with special events and clever enticements for new audiences.

Without this group — because of the closing of most local news papers and the lack of support from other entities – I doubt if any of us in the Arts District would currently succeed.


Sandra Kuker-Franco, SANDRA KUKER PR – I have been working with and recommending NoHo Arts District for well over a decade for multiple reasons.  There are so many advantages for my clients, who are producing their shows in North Hollywood and even greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. I love their dedicated staff, the multiple marketing benefits, the competitive rates and their theatre critics (particularly Samantha Ronceros), are reliable with their commitment to review a show, and truly write intelligent and respectable reviews getting them published quickly.  I highly recommend NoHo Arts District to anyone doing a production or special event and will continue to use their services for all of the shows I represent.


Nora Feldman, Theatre Publicist – From the time the website was created, Nohoartsdistrict.com has always put theatres first.  Nohoartsdistrict.com has always rallied around and supported theatre in the greater Los Angeles area, and has served as a sponsor for several theatre festivals and cultural events. Nohoartsdistrict.com provides a platform for local theatre companies with limited budgets to purchase advertising, which includes social media support, at reasonable rates.  NoHoartsdistrict.com reviews are thoughtful, perceptive, and joy-filled with an appreciation of having experienced live theatre. 


Bryan Rasmussen, Artistic Director, Whitefire Theatre –  Noartsdistrict.com is the most supportive organization in Valley theater. Nancy, Samantha and Lisa are incredible advocates of the arts. And, frankly, they have one of the best critics in town! We adore them!