Head Fake “EP2″ EP Release

These days we are all very introspectiv. It’s compulsory really.  Stuck at home, marinating in our individual history, our life, our family, our memories and our record collections.

Head Fake’s “EP2” is a perfectly timed collection of songs seemingly specifically crafted for our own individual and intensely emotional retrospective longing.

The band was formed by a collection of veteran artists and producers with a passion for New Wave and the heavenly music of the 80s.  This is Head Fake’s second EP and it’s a gorgeously anecdotal jaunt down their collective musical memory lanes.

Each song is a story.  Some of love, some of longing, some of heartache and regret, but all with a final poignant twist of hopefulness. My musical soul is of the 80s.  I educated myself in the sticky aisles of HMV, spending hours and hours leafing through the records, searching for whatever John Peel recommended, or something new.  These songs take me right back to that time…Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Psychedelic Furs, O.M.D. Tears for Fears.

It’s evocative, subtly complex, beautifully engineered…all warm and real and aching.  Spiraling guitars and crunching drums, deep keys, the occasional cello and meaningful, heartfelt lyrics about things that really matter. Like peace and love and family and finding your way home on a cold late night.  I absolutely LOVE this record.  In disparate times like these we look to our artists.  We need them to be truthful and bold and for their music to embrace us and remind us that we are alright, that our stories matter and that we must revel in the glory of our lives.

Thank you Head Fake.  This EP has made a tough time less so and made me dust off a few albums from the very best of times and heal a little…bravo boys!!!!

Listen to the band’s new quarantine song “There’s Not Enough Prozac in the World”: https://soundcloud.com/neurodisc-records/theres-not-enough-prozac-in-the-world-a-head-fake-project

Watch official music videos:

Song for Daughters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPyXmEFpvKw

I’m Found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6PZ4Jh3GHc

For more information:

Website: https://headfakemusic.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/headfakemusic

Instagram: @headfakemusic