Girl Ultra’s “Discreción”


Mariana de Miguel aka Girl Ultra gives us sultry R&B en Español with her latest song “Discreción” from her album “Nuevo Aires.”

We picked Girl Ultra for this month’s What We’re Listening to music blog because it’s interesting to see legit R&B come out of Mexico. When you think of Mexican music, Banda, Ranchero music comes to mind, not R&B. But there is so much music defying the Banda dominance that we just have to listen for it.

Girl Ultra brings us soulful, 80s-inspired R&B to groove to. From 80s drums and keyboards to her silky voice, she could be on the Art Laboe playlist. The entire album has treats from “Ella, Tu, y Yo,” “Ruleta” and her newest release “Discreción.” In addition to the stylish retro R&B feel, love, in all its many splendid forms, is the theme that ties the album together.

Here’s the COLORS’ show version of “Discreción.”

Colors is the perfect platform to hear some truly great music because it’s just the singer and a full color background that lets the music shine. No distraction from the music. They showcase performers in all languages, from all over the world. We have found such musical treats like Girl Ultra with her microphone, red backdrop and her melodic, soulful voice. Do you ever wonder how or why they choose the singer’s badckground color?

We also like Girl Ultra’s “Ruleta” because it is like a group of friends out on the town. But we dig the take away at the end of the video, translated to:

“The majority of the people that are in the video are incredible Mexican artists. Take the time to listen to them and give them some love. Music is not a competition.”

Yes, we can get behind that.

May your days be filled with melodic grooves..en Español. Follow Girl Ultra on all her socials:

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Keep making music that moves us.