“Get it Together”

Lola, Hey Baby Studios. Photographer: Ethan M. Sigmon.

A NoHo Arts theatre review of Micheal Quinn and Zoe Brown’s production of “Get it Together,” written and directed by Michael Quinn, produced by Zoe Brown, and running through August 7 at The Zephyr Theatre.

Michael Quinn’s new play “Get it Together” is about that tenuous, indefinable and tragically often dismissed deeply magical attraction that we stumble across from time to time in our lives. 

Photographer: Austin Martinez

Curious how something so longed for can be so easily brushed aside. You would think in our long, lonely search for love and meaning in the world we would at least recognise ‘the one’ when we see them.  But no, we are stupid humans.  

“Get it Together” follows Harold and Mary as they dip in and out of each other’s lives after meeting in high school.  Mary is a graduate student and a poet, cerebral, intense, driven, Harold is a tech student, a coder. In high school he was in the popular crowd, Mary was not. However, they connected one night outside a high school party, just talking, and that hour together clung to them both for years. So when they bump into each other again years later at a party in their hometown as college students, sparks fly and boundaries are broken.

Lola, Hey Baby Studios. Photographer: Ethan M. Sigmon.

Harold has an on-again-off-again girlfriend he just can’t break up with and Mary knows it.  But, she also knows she wants him and, as he sweetly recounts to her his vivd memory of their first meeting and how often he thought of her through the years, you just know he loves her and she him.  But of course, nothing is ever as simple as that and it takes years of long absences and the very occasional hot sleepless night together to finally bring them both to a crossroad. 

The characters are absolutely wonderful.  So beautifully written, so painfully and honestly played by the quite remarkable Joseph Basquill and Hadley Durkee.  These two fine actors really do embody this awkward and adorable couple perfectly, with their sweaty palms and their furtive glances, and their explosive chemistry.  

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This is a play for now. The references are youthful, but not contrived, simply stunningly authentic, laser focused on who these two people actually are.  They open up to each other in ways they can barely understand. But, for myself, having lived a little longer in the world than they, I found that tenuous and powerful connection utterly real. Uncannily so, in fact.  

Michael Quinn has written for the stage a very special kind of love story for this age of untethered and uncertain humans. With so much choice and so little to anchor them. 

Those who should be able to guide them totally unable to do so, sincere and eager generations passed have little advice to give about how to navigate this strange new world.  And so Harold and Mary’s particular generation is left alone in many ways. Creating relationships amongst the kindred spirits that populate their existence. Reflections of their altered state. 

Yet, there is always love, no matter how irreverent we force ourselves to be. Love and a longing to be deeply seen, through the fear, the uncertainty, and the anxiety of being a newly emerging adult human.  Becoming a valuable grown up is much more complex now than ever before. I certainly don’t envy the process and am happy that I’m old enough to remember it and still young enough to choose to forget.

Lola, Hey Baby Studios. Photographer: Ethan M. Sigmon.

“Get it Together” is a really excellent play. Gorgeous writing, perfectly paced, funny, moving, poignant and profound. Two characters on stage talking, trying not to screw up their lives and mortally afraid of losing themselves to mediocrity while still desperately trying to not be the first one to say “I love you.” 

 What are they so afraid of?  I guess you will have to buy a ticket and find out! Bravo to everyone! I absolutely loved it!!! I told everyone about it that I know!

“Get it Together” is only playing through August 7.


“Harold” Joseph Basquill
“Mary” Hadley Durkee


Writer and Director:  Michael Quinn
Producer: Zoe Brown
Stage Manager: Ally Lardner
Production Designer: Olivia Meredith
Lighting Designer: Hayden Kirschbaum
Sound Designer: Bailee Herrera
Production Photos:  Austin Martinez
Publicity:  Sandra Kuker PR 


Running July 29 through August 7, Friday, Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday @ 2pm


The Zephyr Theatre, 7456 Melrose Blvd, West Hollywood, 90046