George Gritzbach “Full Circle” Album Release

George Gritzbach “Full Circle” Album Release

George Gritzbach and his band of stellar musicians play their hearts out on “Full Circle” – an eclectic mix of musical messages of hope, love and unadulterated joy.  

George Gritzbach is no newby. “Full Circle” is his sixth studio album and from the very first second of the very first song his masterful musical abilities are obvious.

George Gritzbach “Full Circle” Album Release
George Gritzbach “Full Circle” Album Release

His voice is all his own – authentic, husky, bluesy and deeply soulful. The songs are meaningful and beautifully arranged and with all these amazing musicians making these songs rock it’s hard to find a track that isn’t just as good as the last.  

Are we getting back to normal? Whatever normal really ever was. Maybe an album such as George Gritzbach’s “Full Circle” can get us there. No more pandemic blues, no more pensive pauses please!! Let’s get back to music that takes us somewhere else, somewhere fun and joyful and future proof.  

George Gritzbach is old school meaningful.  A storyteller with a million stories to tell and a gorgeous voice to tell them. 

His voice puts me in mind of Robert Palmer’s, who I was a bit addicted to.  But seriously, this a great album. One that deserves slow listening, if you know what I mean, so pour yourself a tall glass of something, sit back and relax and spend some time with George and his incredible band. 

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George Gritzbach guitars, Scott Lariviere bass, Christian McCarthy drums, percussion, Johnny Menezes keys, Peter Murry Sax, Jerry Portnoy harmonica, Steve Ahern trumpet, Dan Anthony trombone, Gabby Rossen vocals.

George Gritzbach “Full Circle” Album Release

Producer Name(s):

George Gritzbach, Jay Sheehan