“Freeway Dreams”

Producing Artistic Director John Lant presents Wayne Moore’s “FREEWAY DREAMS” at Write Act Repertory playing through June 11 in the NoHo Arts District.

An Original Musical

Directed & Choreographed by Jim Blanchette

Imagine if you will, a traffic jam on the 101/Hollywood Freeway.  Of course you can.  Freeways in L.A. are infamous, and I’m sure we all have our stories of gridlock.  Wayne Moore has brought us FREEWAY DREAMS,” an original musical set on that very same 101 Freeway on how we deal with being stuck in our cars daydreaming the time away, and the fantasies we create.

A tour bus has overturned on the Freeway bringing the 101 to a screeching halt.  There is the cute guy in the car next to us, the pretty girl on her cell phone breaking up with her boyfriend, the guy delivering pizza, and the casting director taking care of business while our cars don’t move an inch.  We have the actor (Darren Mangler), the girl going to yoga class (Leslie Rubino), the Hollywood casting director (Stephanie B. Anderson), and the pizza guy (Jonathan Brett).  Each one has quite an imagination, and we are treated to their stories, wonderful musical numbers, and terrific voices that bring these stories to life.

Freeway archway noho

Wayne Moore has given us the creative book, music and lyrics with over a dozen songs, and wonderful direction and choreography by Jim Blanchette. 

Terrific performances by each of the actors make this a truly fun evening.

I think we can all identify with this scenario.  What do you think about when you are stuck in traffic?  With our busy lives, this may be the only time we can really think about what is going on in our day.  “FREEWAY DREAMS” is a glimpse into what that person in the other car is thinking.  Another fun evening in the NoHo Arts District that will have you humming a new tune.


Cast:  Stephanie B. Anderson, Jonathan Brett, Darren Mangler, Leslie Rubino.

Alternates:  Aubrie Alexander, Ashley Douglas

Book, Music and Lyrics:  Wayne Moore

Direction & Choreography:  Jim Blanchette

Music Direction:  Wayne Moore

Produced by John Lant and Tamra Pica

Lighting Design:  Mark Baker

AV Design:  Ken Cosby

Scenics:  Josh Shelden

Casting Director:  Tamra Pica

Operations Mgr/Associate Producer:  Jonathan Harrison

Graphics & Program:  Ken Cosby & John Lant

Publicity:  Sandra Kugler

Additional Tech:  Darcy Silviera & Alonzo Tavares

Web & Social Media:  Dana DeSiena & Kelly Ng

Brickhouse Theatre

Write Act Repertory

10950 Peach Grove St

North Hollywood


Tickets:  $15.00 – TICKETS>>   or   800-838-3006

Performances:  May 19 – June 11, 2017

                              Friday & Saturday at 8pm;  Sunday at 6pm