Favorite Public Art in NoHo?

So what’s your favorite piece of public art in the NoHo Arts District?

From the images we’ve seen on Instagram and from our NoHo team, it’s Cliff Garten’s “Sentient Beings.”  It was installed in front of the black glass building on the corner of Weddington and Lankershim blvds. back in 2009.

Cliff Garten’s “Sentient Beings” via www.nohoartsdistrict.com

“Sentient Beings” is a group of eight stainless steel sculptures based on figuration, volume and the interaction of these volumes with light and urban activity. They are opaque and transparent, allowing the street environment and activities to move through them. The curves of the sculptures allude to the physical body, but are two to three times the height of the average person. The register of the body is obvious through the correlation of their scale to the pedestrian, as well as the figurative nature of the sculpture. The dynamic of the sculptures comes through the interaction of the eight sculptures together. As one moves past them on the street, in the car or entering the building, their forms interact and appear to merge into and out of one another. As the viewer changes perspective, the sculptures merge and separate creating arrangements of new forms.

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So here is one photographer’s image taken on a sunny, blue-sky day. Make sure to give the NoHo Arts District and the photographer Adina Mandalova a follow for more NoHo goodies and beautiful photos.


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