Fabels’ “Minds”

A NoHo Arts music review of Fabels’ “Minds” album.
A NoHo Arts music review of Fabels’ “Minds” album.

A NoHo Arts music review of Fabels’ “Minds” album.

Fabels’ “Minds” is utterly original. A blend of music and words and sounds and language, all vivid and cinematic and timeless.  The music is gorgeous, spacious, enigmatic, weirdly wonderful, full of rage and love and poetry and memory.  Like a waking dream, one you want to cling to.

This album is three years in the making with Icelandic music producer Geir Brillian Gunnarsson. The result of all this focus and indefinabley warped wonderfulness is an album of sublime tracks, one leading shamelessly into the next. A mind walk through moments in time with these incredible creatives. 

A NoHo Arts music review of Fabels’ “Minds” album.

As you let the music wash over you, images cascade through your mind. The music pulses and curls around you, balanced, purposefully positioned, echoing and whispering, ticking and moving, every second an eternity instantly passed. Am I being to poetic? Maybe, but let this excellent powerful music inside your head and you might feel the same.

Fabels’ “Minds” is drama pop, art rock, performance music as a scenic landscape of sounds. Gentle, probing, reminding, relentless and absolutely gorgeous. The smoothness of it, the fluid warmth, the words seemingly meaningless become runes or spells or prayers floating out into the cosmos…it’s breathtakingly good. Truly. 

“Minds” is out now via Qusp Records. Limited edition CDs and t-shirts are available at Fabels’ Bandcamp page.

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Fabels are:

Hiske Weijers – Vocal, Bass, Keys, Loops

Ben Aylward – Vocals, Guitar, Drum Machine, Loops

Producer – Geir Gunnarsson Brillian 

Fabels Online:

Official website

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Email. benaylward77@hotmail.com  or hiske_w@yahoo.com


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