Eric Harrison’s “Dear John”

A NoHo Arts music review of Eric Harrison’s “Dear John” EP.
A NoHo Arts music review of Eric Harrison’s “Dear John” EP.

A NoHo Arts music review of Eric Harrison’s “Dear John” EP.

What a revelation this EP from Eric Harrison is! Funny, touching, light hearted, and yet still beautifully and thoughtfully put together. Think Squeeze, Crowded House, or Elvis Costello, not a bad lot to be lumped in with!  

Eric Harrison’s sound is sweetly nostalgic, his lyrics are gentle tales of adolescent love, childhood dreams and hopes for all our futures.

It’s a beautifully produced album. Balanced and spacious, Harrison’s voice emoting all his dreams and all his agile philosophies, warmly painting pictures of a life well lived.  

A NoHo Arts music review of Eric Harrison’s “Dear John” EP.

Eric Harrison’s “Dear John” is a bit magical really – part Americana, part poem, all heart. 

This is a group of songs sung with the wisdom of a long life.  A musician since the 80s, Eric Harrison has been a part of many different bands, all well loved and all bringing him to this moment in time. You can hear the depth of experience in each and every note. Like the best songwriters, each word feels purposeful, each phrase a morsel in a tapestry of story. Everything as important as everything else. Subtle and memorable and brilliantly catchy.  

I loved it, his voice, the clever, insightful, sweetly funny songs, the brilliant musicians, the gentle production, everything.

Favourite song – “Live Before You Die.” Wise words…

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Eric Harrison: lead vocals

Simi Stone (Natalie Merchant, New Pornographers): backing vocals, lead on “Cougar Jenny”)

Kevin Salem: drums, guitar, bass, keyboards

Sasha Ostrovksy: lap steel

Michael Arrom: piano on “Hoover Dam”

John Conte (Steve Forbert, Southside Johnny): upright bass on “Live Before You Die”

Produced and mastered by Kevin Salem (Mike Doughty, Rachael Yamagata, Peter Paul & Mary). Recorded @ The Distortion Tank in Woodstock, NY

Producer(s): Kevin Salem


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