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“The General Maynyrd Band” Album Release

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The General Maynyrd Band The General Maynyrd Band


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This album is a gorgeous, earthy, classic rock record full of soul, funk and brilliant musicianship.  It’s soft and mellow in places and appropriately rocks out when the music requires.  It’s unabashedly American rock, keys jamming, drums firing on all cylinders and vocals that soar and roar and strut.  I would love to see these guys live!!

The General Maynyrd Band

Is there room for this kind of unadulterated vintage rock, the kind that plays well on eight tracks blaring out of muscle cars speeding down long dusty back roads looking for trouble? You bet there is!!

I hear Skynyrd and Floyd and heaving arenas full of sweaty, long-haired fans rocking their way to peace and love and pure, beautiful music.  It’s a seriously cinematic selection of songs and endlessly hopeful in its references to friendships and loss, and searching for peace in a world so bereft.  And there’s the guitar!!!! Wow…

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These guys formed the band as they met each other playing around the San Fransisco area.  It began as a way to record songs not suited to the bands they were playing in and grew into this album as they worked through songs together and added more -very organic and you can hear it in the music. There’s room for everyone to contribute and play and shine, music formed in consensus and with the best kind of unity.

These days the world has a place for every kind of music. We are no longer defined and divided by genre and married to one kind of music whilst rejecting the rest.  My house echoes with whatever is brilliant, pop, rock, soul, classical, hip hop…whatever moves the soul and fills the heart.

Honestly, “The General Maynyrd Band” fills my heart and moves my soul and gives me a grin from ear to ear….superb!!! Absolutely loved it!!!!

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Dave Combs: Vocals

Daniel Erik (Tenenbaum): Bass

Will Kyriazis: Piano and keyboards

Dan Ingberman: Guitar

Tom Relling: Slide Guitar

Patrick Shields: Drums and percussion

Drew Southern: Guitar

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