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Patrick Ames “All I Do is Bleed” EP Release

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What a little gem…slightly odd and sweetly original. Patrick Ames’s EP “All I Do is Bleed” is a magical glimpse inside a warm, thoughtful and strangely familiar mind. 

The music is vastly different from track to track, atmospheric, choral, rock n roll, deeply romantic Spanish.  But they all seem to fit together somehow, like the corners of our fractured souls.

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I suppose the common denominator, what holds it all together, is Patrick and the beautiful, soulful and haunting voices of his two sublime songstresses, Chana and Mikaila Matthews.   I love that the music feels live, it feels fresh and real, and as if we are sitting in some wood-lined room with them all while they record. 

This music vibrates through you as you listen.  The guitar is warm and full of bass and boldness.  The vocals hum like monks in a seminary, pure and aching and transformative.  Just gorgeous.

The songs are performed, they are theatrical and dramatic and passionately cinematic.  Patrick has a love for live performance and is often to be found in local venues in and around San Fransisco.  After listening to this EP a few times I have a bit of a yen to seek him out.

I love this EP.  It’s quirky and clearly deeply personal and full of memory.  Music should be like that, don’t you think?  At its best, all art should be like that…

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
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