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Versal “Versal” EP Release

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New Age electronic music can get a bad rap.  I rather like it myself. A glass of wine, a good book and some calming melodic music…lovely!

This might be Versal’s first commercial release, but he is hardly a newbie to music as a whole.  He began composing and playing music as a young child and now works in the world of creative arts.  So he has many years of creativity behind this EP, which is truly great mood music.  It’s very visual, in a classical sense.  The track “Dawn” is particularly descriptive.  If you close your eyes you can really see the sun rising, the birds singing and the world waking up.

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This is not for everyone, of course.  There are no banging drums, no guitar solos, no dance rhythms to get you boogying on the dance floor.  But it has a very real place in your musical collection.  It’s meditative, restorative and quietly soothing. And we all need a bit of that these days, don’t we?

“Versal” is extremely cinematic music too. I wonder if he has scored any movies yet?  He really should. It has a gorgeous sci-fi edge to it, in amongst the French horns and the strings. 

Really interesting, impressive and inspiring stuff!! Bravo!!

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