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Jaimie Steck “Full Moon” Single Release

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This new track from Jaimie Steck takes me right back to the best of the 90s pop. 

The kind of cheeky, sexy, pounding, turn the sound up pop.  Bouncing involuntarily in your car seat kind of pop.  ”Full Moon” is a retro trip through Britney, Christina and all the gorgeous boys of pop. 

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Jamie has the perfect pop voice - sweet, harmonious and breathy with some guts when she needs it.  She’s a great performer, sassy, gorgeous and with some wicked moves. Check out the video!

She wrote the track herself and the song is brilliantly catchy, lots of lovely breakdowns, claps, snaps and grungy bass.  The music is her voice, the rest is all acoustics and groove, and playing with echos and sequences of her voice…excellent production.

This is unadulterated pop.  Unapologetic pop.  Pop with a side of pop and I absolutely love it!!! 

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Producer: Ben Cohen

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
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