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Eddy Yang “A New City” EP Release

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An L.A. indie musician, Eddy Yang has the soul of an 80s American rock/punk band. 

The music is stripped back, simple, bare even, but the attitude is all there.  It’s a blend of the California vibe and the avant garde of New York.  It’s a bit Cars and a bit Velvet Underground and a bit Tom Petty. 

The guitars jingle, the bass mumbles and the drum machine synths along rather nicely.  The songs are about his world, nothing too complicated; girls, love, the city, joy, but it’s good.  The more you listen the more it grows on you.  His voice is honest, uncontrived, earnest and sweet.  He sounds like a really excellent indie band, the best kind, deeply connected to his audience, one of them. 

The sound is cinematic, open, poetic, Yang self produces, plays every instrument and the result has this strangely good android vibe, almost like he’s cloned himself, populating his own universe with other versions of Yang.  But not in a creepy way.  

I love how Yang has this singular energy.  He creates his music as if he is alone in the universe, but that's how the best art begins sometimes.  We must be true to our own needs, we must create what we would want to have if people like it, then great. But they can’t be why we do it. Otherwise, it’s not pure, it’s not “us.”

Eddy Yang has made something that sounds like Eddy Yang…and in that way it’s perfect. 

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Release Notes

Eddy wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered everything on the EP.

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Writer, Filmmaker, Musician. Samantha has Produced over 60 short films and Written and Directed 20. She is the co-creator of 52 Films/52 Weeks and The Cinema Tribe Collective. She has written over 400 LA Theatre reviews and is partners in Xpress Records a Music Publishing Company in the UK.  This year she will be directing her first feature film which she also wrote, developing several others and is writing a children’s book. 

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