Elli Ingram “Rocket” + “Sweet & Sour”

We’re listening to all of Elli Ingram’s music but, since we must choose one song to highlight, we’re listening to her “Rocket” track from her “Love You Really” LP.

We got to see Elli Ingram in London recently on her “Love You Really” tour and it was the highlight of our trip, hands down. We were browsing Time Out London to see what interesting things were happening because it is London afterall and there is always something fun happening. (London and L.A. should be sister cities, just saying.) We came across the lovely Elli and have been nonstop listening to her ever since.  But why did she catch our eye? Easy.

Elli is a vocal dynamo. Her music is feisty, quirky, powerful and danceable. Her voice is sultry but her lyrics are truthful, real and a bit naughty.

“Rocket” is our pick.  It was a hard choice but it was the first one we sang out loud to. It is an upbeat and sweet love song. At her Jazz Cafe concert in Camden she called it a cheeky love song. Well we love a cheesy, cheeky love song and we could use more of them these days. But “Rocket” is fun and danceable, and there’s nothing cheesy about that! Just listen to her voice. Then don’t dwadle, download her album.

As avid travelers and lovers of getting away, if someone said to us “Baby, I’d fly first class with you,” we’d be hooked.

“Baby I want you, you’re my world and my weakness
It’s true, the captain of this love is you
Fly me up, throw me down in the stars flying first class with you”

Well, we lied when we said we had to pick just one song. “Sweet and Sour” is another track from Elli’s “Love You Really” album and another (there are many) that we have on repeat. Here’s a treat from the fab folks at Colors. Follow them. Their clean, straight-forward videos focus on the singer (s) and feature some awesome new music.


Watch out for Elli. She will surprise you, make you groove and sing out loud, and she will make you happy.


Keep up with Elli and let’s get her out to Los Angeles! 

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Keep making music that moves us.

Lisa Bianconi
Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com