Electronic Music Open Night Comes to NoHo!

Get ready for NoHo’s Elektronik Muzikk Experience (#EMX)

Underground electronic music is alive and expanding in Los Angeles. It’s called the Elektronik Muzikk Experience (#EMX), and this grass-roots music community meets  on the second Sunday of the month at the Other Door in North Hollywood for L.A.’s only Electronic Music Open Night!

WHEN: Sunday, October 11
WHERE: The Other Door
10437 Burbank Blvd. NoHo Arts District

The event is to showcase up-and-coming artists:
-Visual Artists

EMX www.nohoartsdistrict.com

EMX founder “justin o.” created the Electronic Music Open Night after attempting to book shows as a DJ here in L.A. He had a hard time booking his first electronic gig, so “Open Night” was created to allow new and upcoming artists in the electronic music world a place to perform without the typical “Hollywood Hassle.”

Justin is originally from Olympia, WA where there is a very strong DIY scene that has given birth to bands such as Nirvana, the Melvins, Beck, Elliot Smith, Bikini Kill, and numerous other musical acts that were built from the ground up without major label support. He studied Audio Engineering & Electronic Music Production at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, and toured the nation three times with the Tight Bros From Way Back When supporting their record releases. They also sold their song “Hayseed Rock” to TGI Friday’s for use in a commercial. In 2000, Justin was in a very dramatic car accident in Las Vegas, NV, and found dead on the scene. His girlfriend had fell asleep driving and drove the car into a ditch. Luckily a passing trucker stopped to check on the couple to find Justin ejected 50 feet from the vehicle, and not breathing due to a punctured lung. The trucker had medical training so he used a PVC Pipe to re-inflate Justin’s lung and get him breathing again. Justin was then flown to the Trauma Center at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and they discovered that he had slight brain damage with internal bleeding. After six months of recovery Justin jumped back in the band van and continued to tour drumming with the Tight Bros.

After the Tight Bros legacy was over Justin ended up in Los Angeles playing drums with Ogg Xorbis & Snooz (aHNIGHITO_HISS), both members from the art department of L.A. progressive rock band Tool. Their sound shifted from Rock to Electronic Music and soon Justin decided to go solo and began trying to book himself shows DJing music that he composed and engineered.

EMX www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Unfortunately, there was no venue that welcomed upcoming electronic music artists in Los Angeles except for Open Mics, which were known for acoustic guitar and low energy performances. One Open Mic included a show at Rock n’ Roll Pizza in Moorpark where one of the chefs actually came out with a butcher knife and threatened Justin to turn his House & Trip-Hop music off because “this is Rock n’ Roll Pizza!”

Since there was no easy path to start performing his own electronic music, Justin realized there was demand for an event that allowed new & upcoming DJs, producers and vocalists to perform their music without the hassle of booking first gigs in Los Angeles.

Janine Jordan (founder of the Electronic Music Alliance & wife of Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method) liked Justin’s drive and helped him to find a venue at a bar/club called the Other Door in North Hollywood. Luckily, the Other Door was looking for a show to fill their Sunday nights! The Electronic Music Open Night takes place on the 2nd Sunday of every month at the Other Door, and welcomes DJs, poducers, vocalists, dancers, and visual artists from all over the world to come perform for a very welcoming crowd of Electronic Music fans and representatives of the music business!

“OPEN NIGHT is a great spot for upcoming Electronic Music talent to be discovered, and build their audience! We have already helped artists to have original music produced for them, and have scouts from Burning Man, Insomniac, Do-Labs, and record labels attending our events. Johnny Depp and Playboy Playmate Olga Loera were even spotted at our OPEN NIGHT in North Hollywood this past Sunday!” Justin says.

EMX also offers artists that perform assistance with merchandise, and also offers lessons for the public in Electronic Music Composition, Mixing, and Mastering & DJing.

Elektronik Muzikk Experience (#EMX)

“Electronic Music Open Night brings together musicians of all musical backgrounds and skill levels to create an ecosystem where participants: 1) are able to hone their skills, 2) develop a musical identity, and 3) inspire each other to be fearless in their artistic presentation. You can’t help but to walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment and motivation to be bold, be an expert in your craft, and most importantly – be yourself. Honest art is built in a judgment free zone and EMON fosters that safety along with healthy competition.” -RaneRaps (“Future Beats” artist & EMON performer)

“Being to new LA, it was really tough to meet people in the music scene since I didn’t know where to start. EMX really helped fill that void. When I attended my first performance I was so amazed at the amount of diverse musical talent that I was witnessing. It was great to see others with the same drive and passion for music as I have. EMX really provides a solid foundation for local musical artists to exemplify their talent. Not only do the artists have fun but the audience also has great interaction too! From glowing hula hoops to expressing yourself through exotic dance moves, this place is open to anyone affiliated with the electronic music scene. EMX has such a friendly vibe where all artists alike can come perform without the fear of negative criticism or judgement. It’s also amazing how quickly the Elektronik Muzikk Experience has built up quite a following in such a short amount of time!” -Phocus (Deep/Future House DJ & EMON performer)

EMX has now hosted nine open-night events at the Other Door and is expanding to its second electronic music showcase: ELEVATION.

ELEVATION is an artistic showcase that features top performances from the OPEN NIGHT as well as dance groups such as GoGo Hoop Dance Stars.

If you would like to perform at a future event e-mail:    emx.losangeles@gmail.com

Get over to the Other door in NoHo on the 2nd Sunday of next month for the next Electronic Music Open Night!

Please support EMX by clicking “LIKE” on Facebook: https://facebook.com/emx.la

Elektronik Muzikk Experience

www.soundcloud.com/emxla  |  www.soundcloud.com/wormwoodmuzikk

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  1. Amazing story! As an EMX representative I am pleased to say that my experience thus far as been admirable. So many talented artists and performers I have meet and enjoyed to talk and be around with!

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