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“It gravely saddens the NoHo Theatre District to see Actors Equity Union continuing this tradition against their members.” -Staff of

The battle between Actors’ Equity Association and its members continues. Despite the best efforts of members and producers to bring AEA to understand that their proposal is not only unacceptable to the L.A. Theater Community, but that their proposal is in fact destructive to the combined efforts of our community, and potentially lethal to the very existence of intimate theater in Los Angeles.

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Pro 99 Save LA Intimate Theatre

From our friends at L.A. Stage Raw.

Darkness in December

A joint message to the Los Angeles community from Pro99 and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Equity

“The clock is ticking! Beginning December 14th, 2016, despite the Los Angeles community’s urging and a lawsuit served on Actors’ Equity Association by Equity members and producers, Equity will impose new rules and regulations which will change theatre in Los Angeles forever. This change will take away most of the opportunities for Equity actors to work in intimate theatre in Los Angeles and destroy Los Angeles intimate theatre as we know it.

Forty-eight years ago, Equity actors in Los Angeles fought for and were granted the right to form theater companies and perform without pay. These were professional actors. They wanted the same thing that we want now: The right to do the work we have always dreamed of – to be artists in relationship to our community, in theatres that are safe and treat all the artists fairly.

Equity’s new rules and regulations destroy a system and a community that have been in place for almost half a century. The changes will eliminate the prior 99-Seat Plan and a settlement agreement approved by both actors and the union after actors sued the union in 1986 to prevent similar changes. These current changes were brought to an advisory referendum on April 21, 2015 and were defeated by the Los Angeles Equity membership 67% to 33%. Actors said they did not want these new rules and regulations by a margin of 2 to 1. Actors want to preserve their right to follow their dreams, to do the work they want to do. No one is forcing actors to volunteer. It is an actor’s choice. It is an actor’s right. Equity is trying to take away the actor’s right to volunteer.

Equity’s new rules indicate Equity believes making money must take precedence over making art. These new rules purport to create more paid contract work for actors and stage managers in LA’s small theatres. That’s a positive goal, and one we can all agree on in principle. Unfortunately, creating a rule doesn’t create a reality. 99-seat and under theaters all conform to the old guidelines that Equity set for actors’ reimbursements. Many theatres surpass that amount and give their actors more. Equity wants everyone to believe this conflict is about wages. It is not. All of us in this community would be like to be paid more to do the work we do, but that is not why we make theatre. Los Angeles’ intimate theatres are among the few places on earth created to house hope – and so they are priceless and must be protected at all cost. Equity’s New Agreement and new internal codes won’t help theater artists in LA, it will hurt them.

Art is not and cannot be solely a commercial venture.” – Read the full article>>

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