Difficult People Review

What do you get when you have two incredibly snarky individuals living in New York City trying to make it in comedy? Well, you get nothing more than just two really difficult people.

Hulu’s newest original series “Difficult People,” produced by Amy Pohler, is about two such people, Julie and Billie (played by comedians Julie Klausner & Billy Eichner).

Both are aspiring comedy writers and performers who talk themselves in and out of everything from good ideas to relationships to potential jobs all while passing scathing judgments toward anyone standing in their way. They are miserably self aware and completely unwilling to change anything about themselves.

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Unfortunately, these two they get no passes from anyone in their world. Julie’s psychiatrist mother (played by Andrea Martin), who is going through a career crisis of her own, is unsuccessful at psychoanalyzing them. Billy’s restaurant employers Denise & Nate (played by Gabourey Sidibe & Derrick Baskin) never fall for his self pity trap and that includes Julie’s overly nice and passive boyfriend Arthur (played by James Urbaniak).

What’s interesting about this show is its uncanny knowledge of music, television, theater and all things New York.

Unlike most television shows based in the great apple, this one seems to carries a bit more realism. Even the filming style substitutes the magical or quaint feeling with more grit. What’s disappointing is the lack of development and growth with the story arc and its characters. It doesn’t seem as if it’s going anywhere other than right back to where it started, constantly constructing and deconstructing all within one episode.

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“Difficult People” also seems to highlight our modern issues regarding narcissism and our obsession with social media and pop culture. If you’re interested in a never ending barrage of jokes about celebrities, Facebook and Twitter then this show is for you.

It’s crass tone and dark humor however won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will definitely resonate with some people.