Dating a Swedish girl: Things you should know about dating Swedish beauties

Dating Swedish Girl

If you imagine Swedish women as blonde and tall beauties with grey or blue eyes and beautiful facial features, then you’re pretty close to reality: lots of Swedes look absolutely gorgeous because of their great genetics and perfect sense of style and fashion. When people visit Stockholm, they are usually surprised by the contrast of cosy and cartoon-like streets and houses and beautiful well-dressed people. Swedes value nature and comfort, they tend to use natural materials in clothing and architecture, and they also value natural beauty a lot – and that’s why many Swedish ladies look so attractive.

Lots of guys dating Swedish girls would say their women look fantastic: if your dream girl has long blonde hair, a pale attractive face, and a slim sporty body, then dating a Swedish girl can make you happy! At the same time, Swedish ladies are just so much more than their looks – they are also well-read and educated, intelligent, confident, and have many hobbies they enjoy on their own. If you need a real partner more than just a pretty face near you, then try dating a Swedish girl. These women make great girlfriends, wives, and mothers – but you should always remember the cultural differences you might face.

Every country has its special features that make its culture unique: though we all have lots of things in common, some details that make us unique bring colours to our lives. If you’re a European or American man, then dating a Swedish girl can be a bit surprising for you. Nowadays young people use the Internet a lot and enjoy the same media while living in different countries but our history and mentality still make us see some things differently. There are some things you should remember before dating a Swedish girl:

  • Lots of Swedish women are feminists. Sweden is one of the most developed countries, so it’s no surprise that local women protect their rights and freedom and stand for gender equality. Most of them protect paternal leave and financial independence, so she’ll never expect you to pay for her dinner in a restaurant or make expensive gifts. Local women aren’t really interested in men wooing them, and it’s no point in showing off with your money or status: many Swedes have great salaries, cars and houses, so you won’t impress them. Instead, show her your personality and interests, and treat her with respect – that can help you a lot;
  • While lots of Swedes claim that local women can take the first steps when they’re interested in guys, many Swedish women are actually pretty shy. Though some women blush and act cutely while being shy, a Swedish beauty might be a bit cold and too official when she’s interested, so give her some time to get comfortable around you and know you better. Lots of Swedes prefer starting to date their friends rather than strangers because they trust people they already know more;
  • In fact, one of the most important things while approaching Swedish girls for dating is to wait and to find a perfect balance between being initiative and respecting her personal boundaries. Swedish women have lots of interests and they are pretty busy every day of the week: they often work, study and manage to find time to do their hobbies in their spare time, so don’t expect her to spend too much time with you. People want to have interesting and diverse people as their friends, and the same goes with relationships in Sweden: be an interesting person with hobbies, plans and ambitions, and a Swedish woman of your dreams will like you for who you are;
  • Lots of Swedish women can overdrink you: they are not alcoholics – it’s just a part of Swedish culture. Lots of locals drink wine or strong alcohol when meeting their friends, so they become pretty tolerant to it. Alcohol is often seen as “liquid courage” because it helps people to become more confident and open while meeting someone new or approaching attractive strangers. So know your limits and don’t try to compete with locals – they will probably drink more and feel way better than you afterwards;
  • Lots of travellers and migrants claim that Sweden is one of the loneliest countries for ex-pats because Swedes seem too reserved and cold at first. Lots of them prefer to communicate within small circles of friends because it makes them more comfortable. It’s huge luck for a stranger to find a company of friends in Sweden quickly, so use this opportunity to meet new people and find potential partners. One of the easiest ways of getting closer to some attractive Swedes is to communicate with them while hanging out with friends at parties and visiting bars and pubs;
  • Most Swedes don’t want to offend or interrupt anyone, they act politely and carefully – so you’re expected to do the same. Therefore, don’t be too pushy and don’t debate too much – at least, make it clear that you’re just trying to explain your opinion but you might be wrong. Swedes tend to be very educated and well-read, so they usually know lots of facts to prove their points of view, so don’t put yourself in an awkward situation;
  • Though Swedish women might seem a bit too strict with their political correctness and views, they still like strong and confident men who have integrity and pride. Therefore, don’t be afraid to approach and demonstrate your genuine interest in them – compliment their hobbies and talents, ask questions, and be friendly;
  • You can also try online dating: lots of Swedish women are looking for partners on the Internet, so create an account on a dating service and meet a perfect Swedish partner! The only rule is to use your real photo and correct information in your profile to avoid unpleasant situations later.

Author: nohoarts