Committee of Vultures’ “Everybody Wants the Blues”

Committee of Vultures’ “Everybody Wants the Blues”

A NoHo Arts music review of Committee of Vultures’ “Everybody Wants the Blues” album.

This is a big beautiful rock n roll blues record. Full on, no apologies, hits you right between the eyes kind of rockin’ blues.

Committee of Vultures’ “Everybody Wants the Blues” is gorgeous vocals, chugging rhythms, harmonica-inducing, epic music. Every track a story of pain or redemption, godlessness or a call to arms, heartbreak and breakout.

Brilliant lyrics full of mythical tales poetically spun. Funny, poignant and unforgettable songs created with phenomenal musicians.  Committee of Vultures’ “Jersey Delta” mystical music hovers somewhere between rock, soul, Americana and folk, with blues the artery connecting it all. It’s a heady sound. Passionate, haunting, and cleverly crafted. It evokes some kind of magical journey of the underdog. A truly mythical trip. 

There’s hints of Tom Waites, even Springsteen. But, I also hear odes to Robert Palmer, growling, sexy, powerful. Wonderful songs, brilliantly produced to the point that you feel you’re in the room with these guys…in a very good way. “Everybody Want The Blues” is a truly great album, and I absolutely loved it!  Can you tell??? So turn it up! 

Favourite song, probably “Lightening Struck The Fairgrounds.” You can see the video to that below!

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Label: Jersey Delta Records (Indie Label)

Musician Names/Instruments: (Please see attached PDF for full track-by-track credits.)

Significant contributors include: Benny Harrison (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Robert Van Kull (songwriter, vocals, guitar, harmonica), Rob Paparozzi (harmonica, vocals), Ada Dyer (vocals), Kevin Hadley (guitar), Dave Halpern (drums), Jack Daley (bass), P.K. Layvengood) (guitar), Al Chez (horns), Jimmy Ryan (pedal steel), Kenny Aaronson (bass), Tim Carbone (fiddle), Steve DeAcutis (guitar), Glen Burtnik (bass, vocals), Patti Maloney (vocals),  Robert Mills (guitar, vocals), Lisa Lowell (vocals), Sheryl Marshall (vocals), Joe Bellia (drums)Charlie Torres (bass), Brandon Morrison (bass), Lee Falco (drums)

Producer Name(s): Benny Harrison and Bob Zaleski


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