Cindy & The Disco Ball

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – A NoHo Arts theatre review of the Garry Marshall Theatre’s production of “Cindy & The Disco Ball” running through October 30.

“Cindy & The Disco Ball” is a modern Cinderella story with a disco beat and a brief encounter with the hurts and fears of being a teenager now or in the 70s.

If you grew up in the disco age of the 1970s then “Cindy & The Disco Ball,” with glorious, all original music, is a must see. Why not take the opportunity to bring your children or grandchildren and share your love for this golden age of dance and music?   

There are many components to creating a good musical – the book, music, choreography, set/sound design, costumes and of course, most important of all, the direction.  Therefore a standing ovation is due to Joseph Leo Bwarie (Frankie Valli in Broadway’s “Jersey Boys”) and Christine Lakin (director for ABC’s “The Goldbergs” and Disney’s “High School Musical The Musical”) for directing this brilliant show.  Joseph Leo Bwarie also co authored with Lori Marshall ( co-author, “My Happy Days in Hollywood”) the truly exceptional book and lyrics.  

The musical is supported by a phenomenal live band playing great disco style music with a Broadway flair. This music is created just for the show by the very talented Rachael Lawrence with music direction by Ryan Whyman.  The disco style choreography by Anna Aimee White made me want to jump up in the aisle and dance!  The set design by Tom Wagman was extremely creative and clever and the costume design by Jessica Champagne-Hansen was, I must say, “right on!”

Applauds must also go to the multitalented cast of Malynda Hale, Christopher Baker, Jasiana Caraballo, Hayden Kharrazi, and Abigail Kate Thomas who captured the hearts of every audience member.  

“Cindy & The Disco Ball” is night of pure enjoyment that only live theatre can bring you!  


Running through October 30


Garry Marshall Theatre
4252 W Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91505