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Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Evening Wear

Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Evening Wear

Evening wear can be difficult to shop for, as there are so many details that you need to consider. From the style of the dress and how it will fit, as well as the level of formality that’s expected of you as the guest of an event, there are a lot of things to think about. But in addition to all of those other details, consider the color of your evening wear as well.

Check out the tips below, which are focused on choosing the perfect color for your evening wear. Then shop for some beautiful options, such as Terani evening dresses, to look your very best.

Think About the Event’s Location

When choosing the right color for your evening wear, consider the location of the event. If you’ll be attending a wedding by the ocean in the summer, a light color would be appropriate, but if you’re going to be in a botanical garden, you can play with romantic hues like pink or lavender. A winter event at a formal catering hall can call for darker colors, while an outdoor event in a field could be the perfect opportunity to wear earth tones.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Certain colors will work better with your skin tone than others, and choosing the wrong color could really clash with your natural skin tone, so you definitely want to stick with colors that will complement your natural appearance. The last thing you want is to put on a dress that will make you look washed out, tired, and dull.

If you have a cool skin tone, your skin will have undertones that are bluish or pinkish, while a warm skin tone will be peachy or yellow, and a neutral skin tone would be a combination of the two. So if you have a cool tone, stick with colors like green, blue, purple, bluish-green, pink, red, and fuchsia. On the other hand, if you’re warm toned, choose colors like warm red, yellow, brown, orange, greenish-yellow, camel, and cream.

Coordinate the Color of Your Gown with Your Date’s Suit

If you’re going to be attending an evening event with a date, you can make it easier to choose the color of your dress by asking your date about the colors that he’ll be wearing. The vest of his suit could be one way to get a pop of color that you can match, but if your date is wearing a gray suit or a tan suit, as a couple of examples, you can find a dress that features a color that will complement those colors best. In this way, you’ll look fantastic not only on your own, but also when standing beside your date.

When it comes to shopping for evening wear, you already have a lot of things to consider to find the perfect fit and feel great in the dress. The tips above should make it easier to find the dress that will be the ideal color to bring out your best features and allow you to stand out at the event.