Cheryl Cole

Artist: Cheryl Cole           Album: Messy Little Raindrops Location: Newcastle

Cheryl Cole is one of those celebrities who always seem to be in the limelight, whether it’s for being one of Britain’s most annoying talent show judges, going through a very long divorce or releasing her new album. When I got her album I genuinely didn’t know how good or bad it was going to be and I really did listen to it with an open mind.

What can I say? It was honestly one of the worst albums I have ever heard. It is 12 tracks of complete generic wash , and even after studio enhancement, her voice can barely be passed for good. The only upside to the album are the two tracks featuring Travie McCoy and Dizzee Rascal. How this woman has an established music career is beyond me and how she could judge people in music competition is insane.

My final verdict is another half hearted attempt at making an album from Cheryl Cole is that she should stick to being in Girls Aloud because she really doesn’t have the voice for a solo career. Don’t waste your money on this album.

Author: nohoarts