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The LA art scene has exhibition openings aplenty, and we’re all familiar with the recent flourishing of galleries in DTLA.

If you’re a burgeoning artist in LA, however, you may struggle to find smaller, more local, more consistent shows where you can get a feel for collections, themes, or styles that resonate with audiences. Amateur actors who first move to LA know that they have open calls, extra work, and agents to pester. However, the art scene is frequently more of abstract entity to approach for new artists.

If you’re looking to show off a single piece, series of pieces/styles/themes of your artwork in a public gallery, Carter Sexton Artist’s Materials is the place to look.

Art, architectural, and engineering supply store by day, Carter Sexton features local artists who comply with exhibition entry regulations once a month for a night of wine and art consumption.

One of the co-owners of Carter Sexton Artist’s Materials, Nikki, emphasized the non-pretentious proclivity for community that motivated Carter Sexton to host themed exhibition nights. This vision is realized through the Art/Wine/Conversation nights. Often exhibition openings or single night shows can be a polarizing overwhelming or isolating. The Abstractions Art/Wine/Conversation night was a happy middle ground for the art show goer. I didn’t know anyone when I entered the gallery for the “Abstractions” theme exhibition, but the artists and owners themselves were readily available to chat about everything from the art on the walls to the very concept of community itself.

Carter Sexton Artist’s Materials hosts a themed Art/Wine/Conversation night every month and posts a call for submissions one month in advance.

If you’re looking to showcase a new skill, theme, or simply show for the first time in a public space, I highly recommend answering a call for submission by Carter Sexton.

Gallery/Shop:                        Carter Sexton Artist’s Materials


Location:                                5308 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA 91607

Raleigh Barrett Gallina
Author: Raleigh Barrett Gallina

Raleigh (Barrett) Gallina from LA ART. Raleigh has been writing for the NoHo Arts District since 2015. Raleigh explores everything from large-scale commercial exhibitions to gratis solo exhibitions showcased by amateur galleries. While her preferences are ever-evolving, her favorite exhibitions include large-scale sculpture or paint, as well as artwork which holds socio-cultural underpinnings. She hopes that by capturing a large array of media and voices (including that of curators and the artists themselves), that readers are able to enjoy and voyeur out of their comfort zones.