Call to NoHo Visual Artists: Mural at Green NoHo Village

The Juice Parlor is looking for artists to create a new Green NoHo Village mural.


The Green NoHo Village mural was tagged a few months ago and The Juice Parlor is having a contest and would like to offer the space to anyone who wants to do a mural to get their name out, as we have tons of people coming in to the store/village. We are willing to pay for paint and allow the artist to provide a tag of their name/social media handle. The mural is 22x9ft and the theme is KINDNESS. Mural must symbolize kindness and will be chosen by vote by The Juice Parlor Staff.

The Juice Parlor Call to NoHo Visual Artists via


The Green NoHo Village Mural Contest will be open to anyone and everyone who either lives, works or goes to school in North Hollywood.


Requirements of submission: In addition to design submission based on kindness theme, please submit one or all of the following:

1. Previous mural(s), online art portfolio, 3 large scale paintings (preferred), and/or 3 small-scale paintings.
2. Provide experience (resume/other) with art – school and professional.
3. Must be 18 and over.
4. Must live, go to school or work in or adjacent to NoHo.
We may request additional information based on each submission.
Please email to submit your work and if you have any questions regarding requirements for submission.


Submissions until end of July.


Green NoHo Village (5658 Cahuenga Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601).


We believe kindness is important and want to showcase it. Owner of The Juice Parlor launched an organization called Kindness Karma where she wants to spread the word on kindness.

Kindness Karma’s founders Sarina and Melody give us more information on the organization.

Kindness Karma via

“Many of you may be wondering what Kindness Karma is: well our mission is simply to see kindness and spread kindness. The universe will reward you. We want to help inspire kindness through our everyday actions and interactions in hopes of encouraging others to do the same. Living in such a chaotic world, we need kindness karma more than ever.

This all started when Sarina and Melody would have conversations about life and the world we live in today. As many of you have, we were noticing that the world was becoming an increasingly unkind place. Between online bullying, mass shootings, reality show dramas, social media dramas, and real life fears, it can get too much sometimes. Because of technology and social media people are becoming more and more disconnected physically and emotionally. This is a very sad realization because the truth is that human connection and love is the core of our existence. We need to feel connected to each other to feel alive. We need to spread kind words and good vibes in order for it to be reciprocated. And we need to get rid of negative thoughts and energy in order to be truly happy inside.

So one day last December during our usual coffee chats, a lightbulb went off in our heads and we thought “why don’t we, similar to a chain reaction, spread kindness in hopes that others will do the same.”

So the first thing we did was we started an IG and FB account/where we spread kind messages and news. We had our very first “meet-up” in Central Park in Glendale and wrote kind messages on tags as a group and each person took a tag home and placed it somewhere in LA.

We hope to do future meetups where we perform everyday acts of kindness as a group. We also recognize kind souls and do a feature on them in hopes of inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Our latest “Kindee” is Koa Jones who has an Instagram account called @leavefootprintsoflove where she posts hearts she finds all over LA. You can read all about her on our website blog but today we want to share her thoughts on how to become a kinder human being.

She says: “The most important place to start is with yourself. You have to be able to show yourself real kindness before you can share authentically with anyone else. When my daughter was in the 6th grade, she did her science fair project on the power of words and thoughts, and she followed the example of Dr. Emoto’s experiment. She took two containers of rice, labeled one “Love” and one “Hate.” For one month, to one she thought about and spoke lovingly to and the other she thought about and spoke negatively to. You would not believe what happened to that rice. The love rice stayed fairly fresh for the entire 30 days, while the hate rice was covered with green and black mold. It’s astounding what kindness can do versus negativity and hatred. Our words and thoughts really are so powerful and kindness is infused with so much goodness, so much light, so much love. Why not spread it every chance we have? What we want to end with is that we are by no means kindness experts, we are just two people just like many people in this world that want to see everyday kindness in our lives and so we are doing our part. We are here to learn and share what we have learned.””

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