Business of Being an Actor Series 2022 – PART 3

Business of Being an Actor Series 2022 – PART 3
Business of Being an Actor Series 2022 – PART 3. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels.

This is part 3 of my series on the business of being an actor.  With Covid slowing down, I have gotten many requests to have this conversation so I am continuing this series. This month let’s discuss setting personal accountability.

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Business of being an actor – Accountability


Yes, we feel so alone in our self employment journey, but your fellow actors are in the same situation. So, find a partner, and make a time to speak every day for 5 -15 minutes, (1/2 the time with each person). On this call you should tell your partner what you are going to do that day and report on the day previous. In class we say to stay to the time limit to keep on purpose. Keep your personal calls different. This is like an appointment, set the time and keep it. If you can’t commit to a 5-15 minute call every day for your career, then you have bigger problems – hence the next step.


Make a list of your demons. Write down all the things that are your issues that are in your way. We all have them; – dark sides that tend to disempower us or cause us to fail. Most are feelings of low self worth from family of origin issues. It is a good idea to make the unconscious conscious, so make your list, your fears, your issues, and your blocks. Write them down and look at them. Read them out loud and be honest with yourself. We are actors; sensitive, feeling souls, connected to the human experience, both good and not so good. So get to it, your “fear of failure,” “fear of success,” “I’m too fat” or not “Good looking enough,” “I really don’t have any talent,” “I’m lazy,” “I avoid confrontation,” “I can’t handle rejection.”

Once you’ve done all this get started.  Put your list of goals on your refrigerator or mirror, your action list on your desk or where you do business. Then take the demon list and burn it! Yes, do a ritual and burn it, let them go. It’s a ceremony where you can take responsibility, own the truth, and even laugh with yourself.  Good luck and as I say in class, this work can be the best work of your career.

Keep moving.

Fran Montano
Actors Workout Studio

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