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Building a Home Recording Studio

Many believe that gaining extensive experience in the voiceover industry is essential before building their home recording studio. The fact is that there is no right or wrong time. You can make your home recording studio as a beginner, without an agent, as a seasoned professional, or one with zero work experience too.

You only need to have an appropriate space, the essentials, and a willingness to learn along the way. If you’re planning to build your home recording studio, here is a short guide for you.

Software and Computer

These are the fundamental essentials of a home recording studio. While these are mainly the most expensive requirements, they are indeed something you already own. A computer is an essential device because this is where you prepare your recordings, save them and deliver through to your clients.

In addition to getting a robust and good quality computer, do remember to arrange backup for your recordings, whether it’s on the cloud or external. Next, try arranging the best software you can for your recordings and editing of your sound clips.

Audio Interface

The interface essentially acts as an intermediary between the microphone and the computer, and you can use it by plugging it into the XLR cable. This device will create the sound waves for the microphone that will convert into a digital format on your PC.


If you plan to build a home recording studio for voiceovers, then the condenser microphone is an ideal one for the purpose. Remember, the success of voiceover clips depends largely on the sound range and the audio signal’s strength.

With a condenser microphone, you get the best of both, and clients will get to see the finest quirk your voice quality has.


Voiceover recording can run for hours, which means you will have to continue wearing headphones for that long. Hence, you must get premium quality headphones and ensure they are comfortable for prolonged use.

Bluetooth and wired headphones are ruling the market, and you can indeed find the best one for your needs without a struggle.

Ideal Space for Recording

There is nothing more essential for the success of voiceover recordings than having an excellent recording environment. You need to ensure that the available space is not only highly comfortable but also one where you’d gladly spend endless hours.

Space must also be soundproof in the sense that no outside sounds can cause even the slightest disturbance. Hence, if you find a spot where the sounds of cupboards/doors banging and cars honk drift in, then that is not appropriate in the least.

Besides external sounds, you need to worry about but the internal sound quality too. If the room does not provide 100% sound quality, it is certainly not fit for your studio.

Pop Shield

This device offers a modicum of protection over your microphone from the popping sounds. Make sure you install one of these for added sound clarity.

Once setup, you can begin your work as commercial voiceover artist

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